The Beatles 'Love' album by George Martin

The Beatles ‘Love’ album

If you don’t already have this amazing work, you’re missing out.

It’s a new experience for your ears and your brain. A lot of us know their music in and out. This album
blows your mind because George Martin (and his son) merge, re-arrange, and meld the songs in ways that tickle your brain. When you expect a specific sound to come next, and it doesn’t…well I’d love to hear comments on your own experience.

The transition between track 4 and 5 is a piece of musical genius. I got the whole body tingles.

If you don’t already know:
Love is a soundtrack remix album of music recorded by the Beatles, released in November 2006. It features music compiled and remixed as a mashup for the Cirque du Solei show of the same name. The album was produced by George Martin and his son Giles Martin,


I've seen the Cirque du Soliel/Love show in Vegas years ago. The sound quality was surprisingly good too.

Imagine the soundtrack at 11, the music surrounding you and seeing a human doing something physically impossible.

See it if it when it returns. I'm not a Cirque fan, and enjoyed it. Only went because the boss(S.0.) SAID we're going. She always ends up being right.


It was made for the Vegas show. A "must see.’

The week of, we got singles across the aisle, first row balcony - a sweet spot.

I enjoyed the surround tracks in the headrests. When I play it at home I flash back.