The Best Audio Dealer

My vote for the best dealer award goes to Mario,owner of TOYS FROM THE ATTIC This guy helped me break into analog.I made alot of mistakes because "Dave,you don't listen" Any way Mario was always to the rescue.He,over the phone has helped me build an awesome sounding stereo.He has always given me the Best price and I know he hasnt made much money from me.He calls me on occasion to see "whats up" I have never met the man or been to his shop because its over 300 miles away
Joe at Overture in Delaware is a super nice guy. So is Bob at Elusive Disc. Duke at AudioKinesis seems very kind. Paul at The Cable Company is pretty good. Stuart Ono at Audio Directions in Hawaii is EXTREMELY good.
Rocky Mountain audiophiles should spend some time with John Barnes of Audio Unlimited in Denver. Not only an excellent selection and superb line of imported and domestic tube and ss hardware, speakers, wire and accessories at all price points, but one of the most personable and responsive dealers of high end gear in the country. His customers are nationwide. Call John at 303-691-3407 for an appointment. You won't be disappointed.
Very good experience with Mario of Toys from the Attic,Paul Jenkins of Cable Company and Galen Carol of GC Audio. Very bad experience with Brian of HelloHiFi
fulvio,I had a bad experiance with him also.I didnt buy from him an item I sinply had asked for info.about and the guy sent me 3 or 4 harassing E-mails and even stooped to calling me names! You want a class act and a rock solid dealer? CALL MARIO 914-421-0069 tell hom Dave sent you...
I try to support to support local dealers;however the competition for pricing is tough on the smaller market guys.Steve at hififarm will beat anybody's price for which has to offer and he's got a great ear for MY tastes. It can be hard to build a relationship with a lot of the mail-order dealers. They get bombarded with price checkers all day long and can be short with you. Pick a dealer whom you can costantly upgrade with and/or sell your equipment. I guarantee you won't hold your gear for to many years if your a PSYCHO audiophile.