The most import design issue for a speaker manufacter how many will fit on a pallet.

You may disagree but with standard imported designs is a major design issue and it's factored into what you are most likely using now. Its also not discussed by audiophiles but it affects performance in a major way. I understand manufacturers need to make profits or they cant make products. But do keep in mind when you look at that bookshelf its design isn't just about sound its about profit shipping storing packing as much as the sound.


I noticed this a long time ago. Thankfully, some are producing speakers with proper woofer sizes again.

I personally think the design (size) is more influenced by trying to achieve domestic tranquility ("you're not going to put a big ugly box in my living room"). They used to call it the WAF before we all became sensitive caring life partners.

Bottom line for them, yes. Does not have to be a limitation for all of us.

Not for me. Availability of right-size speakers is what drove me back to designing and building my own custom weighty-built speakers again. Another option is buying from local-state manufacturers or to source good used deals. A 2-3 day drive trip across a few states to go pick up some nice large new or 2nd hand speakers can be an option too. Heck, go rent a van if you have to in order to get what you want. There are other doors when dealing with larger speakers that don’t have to fit on a pallet.

There may be more than a few here on A’gon who’ve made some drive trips to go get their big speakers? :)

I have done road trips to pick up speakers 3 times.  I prefer it to shipping. Sold the first two pairs, kept the last pair (JBL L100 Classic)