The new OPPO Digital UDP-203 question

Hi.  Not sure if anyone already answered this but I read a Nov (inside) review of this new model to be launched in Dec/Jan and it was mentioned that it's not going to include on-line streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.  Can anyone absolutely confirm this?  That would be a deal killer for me.  What about the coming UDP-205?  Will that be launched with these streaming apps?
nobody knows, but I do think we should keep launching new threads on these players every 2 weeks
Today I called OPPO Digital directly at their main U.S. headquarters and spoke with someone in Tech Support.  He did confirm that the new UDP-203 will not be released with streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu , etc.  They have no plans to add any at a later date and the same goes for the pending UDP-205.   I should have called before I asked here on the forum.  But at least we all know now.  For me, that's a deal breaker.  Back to the search.   
I am now streaming Tidal directly from Oppo 105 , balanced outout to Krell 300i amp. I am using my Ipad Oppo Media to browsing the mass CD library. The sound is amazing. Tried Oppo for streaming Netflix, not as good as my Apple TV box. Since I am using Tidal, I havn't touch mh CD collection for a long time.
The upcoming UDP-203 will have an HDMI input meaning you could purchase an inexpensive Roku 4k device, which streams Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. and still have the same functionality as your current Oppo.  I do this now with my current BDP-103 and not only does it work well, I find the Roku to be a better streaming device with many more options.
I'm actually glad that they're doing that. This may help them cut costs, or put their effort where it really matters (a great video/audio component). I'm not too fond of having 3 different AV devices featuring the same Netflix/Online services. I'm ready to put away the Apple TV as my xfinity box started featuring Netflix. Needless to say not having "bloatware" installed sounds like music to my ears.
I agree with tiago729.  Almost all Smart TV's now offer streaming services. I am looking forward to picking up Oppo UDP 203 or 205 for UHD playback only.  
I use a Chromecast in the rear HDMI input of my BDP-105, primarily for streaming Pandora, Tidal and TuneIn Radio as background music.  That way, I can "cast" from a phone or tablet and not have to turn a TV on to control the player.  By pressing the Input and "3" buttons on the remote in succession, I can switch to the rear HDMI input.  Input and "1" get me back to the player.  Or if I wanted to, I could use the HDMI output from my Nexus Player as I can "cast" to that also, in addition to using whatever streaming services it offers.  I rarely ever use the Oppo for video.  

To be honest, I'm OK with using the HDMI input for additional streaming sources, as that way, any firmware updates would focus on the player's main abilities, bug fixes, etc., rather than adding more streaming services.  
Most TVs produced in the last few years already come with built-in apps for NetFlix, YouTube and other streaming services. And if your TV doesn’t, there numerous inexpensive set top boxes and dongles available that do support these services (Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, etc.) So why should this be a deal breaker? The Oppo is an outstanding mult-format disc player. I personally wouldn’t buy a lesser quality unit just to get these streaming services bundled in.

Thanks everyone for your excellent input.  I wasn't aware of the external Roku devices that can be used to access streaming services.  Also I reread the specs on the Oppo BD-103 and it has 4K video upscaling.  So won't really need the UDP-203 as it turns out.  
Well, it's up on the Oppo website as of now!!!!
I'm still running an older Oppo BDP93, so it's very nice to see this UHD upgrade for those who have older 93's and 103's for only an extra 50 bucks!
I don't use the APP's on my Oppo 93, so, no issue for me there.
I certainly look forward to hearing user feedback when folks get them in their hands. A review in Sound & Vision would also be great to see.
I looked at the Samsung 4K player shortly after seeing it reviewed in S&V. A 400 buck 4K Blu-Ray player that looked and felt like a 50 disposable Blu-Ray player. The new Oppo sure looks like a winner in my book!

@randy-11,  for iTunes playback over wifi you would need a device that is AirPlay compatible. I don't think udp-203 is AirPlay compatiable.  However, you can connect Apply TV to Oppo via HDMI input and take advantage of superior DAC/Video processing and steam iTunes. 
that's what I'm doing now but with Toslink not HDMI - it would be nice to have an all-in-one digital box...
How do you control volume with a direct setup Oppo to Amp via balanced? I have a 105 which I picked up for digital streaming and am so far clueless on Tidal, etc. I just installed the Oppo Media app..

In Oppo Setup, select volume control in variable mode not fixed. Oppo has a 24bit (103) or 32bit (105) DAC. So variable digital volume won't affect 44.1k/16bit PCM a lot.
Yes it seems the UDP-203 does not have HDCD decoding and capability.  Looks like OPPO dropped out this feature.  My BDP-103 has it. 
Well, I have to say without streaming media services I have zero reason to upgrade. All the 4k content is currently in streaming.

Also, I really like the video quality of the 103 for streaming like Netflix. It’s been pretty outstanding.

I couldn't agree with you more Erik.  I'm sticking with my 103.  Should OPPO decide to add those streaming services to the firmware of the 203 in the future, then I'll consider upgrading.  Thanks.
Huh?  UHD Blu-ray titles are numerous and widely available.  I bought a 302 specifically to be able to play them.  Also, I'm not much of a fan of streaming.
I won’t upgrade either. I listen to Tidal coming out of my 103 into an external dac every-single-day. The oppo IS my streaming device. Why would I give that up in the name of "purity" or whatever excuse they have come up with for one less feature at the same price? First it was the separate audio outs and dac for 2 channel, and now the streaming services are gone from the $500 range. Very dissappointed in oppo. Wonder what will dissappear from the next $500 model?
@mtrot That's good to know, I haven't seen any, but I wasn't looking, assuming there were none in existence. :)
Inner detail will disappear from the next $500 model and you will need the ID module to get it.

They are also going to drop Musicality but will have a firmware upgrade for that.
Hilarious, but the fact remains that I can buy a $50 blu-ray player on Amazon with built in streaming services, but Oppo is now telling me I can't have it in a $500 player.  Give me one good reason. The press release says "purity". So are the current 103 and 105 not pure?  I'll be curious to see if the higher priced model has streaming.  
Folks, I understand where everyone is coming from on lack of streaming services in the latest 4K Oppo player.  

I have just just received my new UHD-203 player and it is simply outstanding in both audio/video, the new DAC chip is ultra smooth and very dynamic.  

All the 4K content is now streamed through my new 75" Sony 4K TV :-)
maybe purity relates to some sort of interference (tho why they cannot shield it I dunno)

otherwise they are going to sell you a more spendy player with streaming