The Psychology of Constant (Equipment) Change

Anybody have an answer?

I have a decent selection of preamps, amps, integrateds and speakers to choose from and I find myself swapping out gear constantly.  And it's not because anything sounds bad.  Quite contrary, really.

After most swapping sessions, I'm generally really satisfied and quite enjoy the sound quality.  But within a few weeks I'm swapping stuff out again.

What would be the diagnosis for my condition?


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milpai: Thank you for the condescending comment, and I fluently, write and speak more languages that you probably ever will. You sound like someone with many friends! Congratulations! Perhaps you should read an entire thread and understand the context before jumping to uneducated conclusions.


Thanks Firefly.Many are ashamed to admit that a stereo has them by the nuts and are powerless too stop.This is where I come in and get open and honest without fear of judgement.In my opinion this behavior has nothing to do with audio at all but an attempt to fill that empty hole inside.It never works it just isolates more from what most important.Materials can not do what love and helping others can.I suffer from this phenomenon and wanted to speak out hence starting my channel.Maybe some will not judge and take some and leave the rest as its pretty heavy what I talk about and it relates to audio as more of an obsession but at the end of the day it is to avoid self,escapism and only progresses.Trauma is a very powerful thing and many will go to great lengths by repeating the same thing to avoid facing it.I have come to these conclusions for myself.Some are relating too it and chiming in on my channel now.It is great to try my best to help others as it helps me

Checkout Audio Shrink on youtube


Acoustic knowledge and basic mechanical and electrical controls and synergy gave me an ectasy that never ended two times... Each time with low cost system...

Then i think there is many people that has a hole to fill as said daveyboy..

If not this case they dont lack money and they dont takes the time to learn..


I never experienced a good system well embedded with a boring sound, then unable to make music acoustically immersive...

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