Focal/Naim APP forcing digital front end change

My Naim NAC 272 can no longer be recognized by my iProducts since the APP merge by Naim. Alas, I need to find a digital front-end with ethernet in and digital co-ax out. Budget is $1,200 to $1,500 new or used. thoughts on a good match/compatibility? 


I really like the Cambridge Audio CXN 60.  It also has great Chromecast and AirPlay ability.  They just changed the DAC, which I bypass anyway via SPDIF, but it has all the other in and outs except HDMI

Try an internet search for "Naim app old version". I was able to get a file for older Android devices that way, should be some Apple files out there too.

How old are your “iProducts”? If I’m understanding you correctly it may be easier to upgrade your iPad than to replace your player. My last iPad slowly became more difficult with the Naim app once the operating system was no longer updated. I purchased a new iPad and all is good.

Has anyone yet used or seen demo'd the Volumio Revo? This unit likely checks all the boxes. I've never used the Volumio App, so I have no experience with the company. They also have no dealers in North America which makes me a tad leery.



Here’s a place to start- read down to the last post for an opinion. If it were me I’d go with a Lumen U2 Mini.

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