The "Tiv" is on more than my stereo

Anyone else find that their tabletop radio gets more on-time than their stereo tuner? My (mono) Model One has been my go-to sounder for years. Simplicity has its virtues.
Well, I don't listen to the radio.
But I sure listen to the huge MP3 catalog on my my hard drive (almost continuously, in fact) more than my records.
Perhaps, it's partly because that's when I just listen to the music and not my stereo.
And I'm a record collector and "vinylphile", mainly.
Besides, mono rules! It's all downhill from there :-)
I agree the dollar to performance ratio is off the charts on the Tivoli radio

Of course it is handier to use than my vacuum tube amp and manual tuner, the Tivoli is right next to my computer...
The convience factor is there. My tuner has been shelved for some time. I have the PAL version of a Tiv and two powercords, so it can be moved from one area to another quickly. No reason to light up the beast if your not going to sit down and listen to a handful records.
you can enjoy music to the same extent listening to a radio as listening to a stereo. whilethe "sound" may not be the same, the communication quality of the music is present regradless of the source--radio or stereo.
I like the simple on/off switch on my Tivoli Model One, just one energy efficient box - but let's get real, my main stereo & tuner is so much better sounding, but who wants to power-on the electricity eater for sipping coffee with NPR?
I got a little Sony "all in one" for my wife. I put a nice pair of Athena speakers on it for a bit better sound. The wife rocks the house with it, it's perfect for background, radio or just spinning some CDs. You don't always need the big system running.

Thanx, Russ