The under 10K speaker

I've been auditioning and reading for at least a year now, looking for a speaker I can live with blissfully for a long time. I tend to hang on to my equipment for maybe too long so I want to make the most informed decision on speakers. My current setup is a pair Classe CA100's in mono driving Def Tech's BP2000's(don't laugh). I sold my AR LS15, Classe Dac1 and Theta Jade. I'm running a music server (EAC ripped/FLAC encoded) through a Squeezebox3 direct to amps. I'm waiting for the Slim Devices "Transporter" and contemplating a pair of Mono Odyessy Extremes depending upon choice of speakers.

The best I've heard so far were the Wilson Sophias. I've auditioned B/W's all models, Revel's (Sound excellent), Paradigm's, Thiels, Von Schweikert (not the VR4 SR's), JM Labs Utopia, Sonus Fabar, Usher's and others.

I'm thinking about the Wilson Sophia's. I'm interested in the VR4 Jr, The Acoustic Zen Audiago's, Usher Dancer, Revel F52, Daudeulis? DA1 (can't spell them but people love them).

I wish for a full range speaker but adding a subwoofer isn't out of the question.
Hey, this can be fun..
You should listen to any of the PBN Montana offerings under 10K, like the EPS2 or the SPX. At 5500.00 retail, the latter might be all the speaker you would ever need. Peter Noerbeck is an absolute genius and his speakers have no business sounding as good as they do for so little $$.

Desalvo55, Do yourself a favor, go to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and listen to the speakers before you buy. I was always a Single driver fan, when I got there I hated all systems with single drivers in the show and noticed that to my taste the best speakers for me where the Arrays. I loved every array I listened to, cheap and expensive ones.

Go there and you might be surprised. You seem to be going all around with your speaker search, I listened to the Wilson audio and the Dedaelious and they sound completely diferent. A friend has the Usher Dancer and again very different probably more to the Wilson side.
Go there research in one place on one weekend what you like, dont go spending good 10k without it. Spend 1k on the RMAF and use 9k for your speakers it will be worth it!
I want top to bottom clarity, truth, the recreation of an event accurately portrayed in the confines of my living room, just like everyone else?
for monitors under $10k, i suggest auditioning:
Acapella Fidelio - stunning clarity and 3-dimentionality, jaw-dropping, unforgettable
Harbeth Monitor 40 - laid back, seductive, sophisticated, plenty of refined detail

for floorstanders used under $10k:
B&W Silver Signature 30 - beautiful tonality, refined
Tannoy Prestige Series - grand, lively, golden
Avantgarde Duo - like what Jsadurni said: slam, immediacy, larger than life imaging
Duevel Jupiter or Bella Luna - super wide sound stage, lively

best of luck and have fun!
If I were in your position, I'd wait for the Thiel 3.7's before making any purchases.