the wicked witch is dead

I am feeling somewhat ambivalent. My upstairs neighbors just pulled a Uhaul up to the building. Not sure if she is kicking out her boyfriend or they are both going. Looks like they both are leaving. Actually tried to keep the music down and curtail my listening sessions. Oh well maybe next neighbors will be better. Maybe the move has nothing to do with me? Maybe they are getting married and bought a house.
I'm sure it's just you Greg! Why else would they go through ALL the trouble of packing up everything they own, moving everything they own, and then unpacking everything they own. Or maybe not!
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Maybe your next neighbors will sign. You can hope now can't you? Good luck.
Greg,,good luck with whoever moves in,maybe with the witch gone you can get permission to enter the vacant apt to see how your stereo sounds up there,,,
Yah hopefully a pair of blonde bisexual nymphomaniac twin models with an attraction to audio guru's will move in eh?

But it will probably be some fat sweaty hairy guy named Hank from Boston with a raging snoring problem
dont give it a second thought,all you need to know is that fatty arbuckel is gone & that's a good thing.

hell if you can afford it rent the upstairs appt too & turn it into one big listening room where there's lotsa room for slappy's twin's to come & visit & romp & frolic & play!
Yeah but, blonde bisexual nymphomaniac twin's make a horrific sound when coughing up hairballs, and I demand quiet when involved in a listening session!

Of course, one session could be surplanted by another!