There is none out there......

I need a Wi- Fi streamer and cd zipper in one box......I have a 30 K ethernet connection........Bluesound Vault is the Only streamer out there that meets my requirements BUT  ......I've been told by Hi-Fi sales people, "it won't sound that good on a high end system".......All the other cd Zippers/ Streamers are Ethernet hard wired ONLY........Anybody know of one?


+1. That is what I did after trying a wireless and over AC solution. Works great.


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You need a pair of pods, one pod connects directly to your existing modem or router and extends your network to a 2nd pod which allows hard wired connection to your choice of streamer.

I can vouch for the mesh solution. You can buy 3 mesh pods on Amazon for about 150$. Place one near your streamer and run a short Ethernet cable to it. Works great and SQ better than wifi. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it’s done at shows. 

Easy recommendation, Innuos ZENith Mk3.

Zips CDs in 5 minutes and hard ethernet wiring can be connected to a wifi extender with great results. Innuos sense app is also tops. Love mine.

I second the answer from Baylinor ! My Innuos Zenith Mark III sounds excellent, built very well, great customer service & great app to control it all. 

A very common theme that you should take to heart.....use a mesh or wi-fi extender, and plug ethernet from there into a streamer. If you are committed to having a built in ripper, look at Innuous