There is none out there......

I need a Wi- Fi streamer and cd zipper in one box......I have a 30 K ethernet connection........Bluesound Vault is the Only streamer out there that meets my requirements BUT  ......I've been told by Hi-Fi sales people, "it won't sound that good on a high end system".......All the other cd Zippers/ Streamers are Ethernet hard wired ONLY........Anybody know of one?


A very common theme that you should take to heart.....use a mesh or wi-fi extender, and plug ethernet from there into a streamer. If you are committed to having a built in ripper, look at Innuous

The WIFI extender is a great idea.  I ran an ethernet cable through walls and one floor [about 60 feet] to my rig.  Just another option.  Works well.

This will do the trick and much less costly than the mesh. You just have to make sure they are on the same circuit. Not circuit as in circuit breaker but as I understand it in the USA there are 2 different zones (call them zones for lack of a better word) as long as the 1 near the router and the other are on the same zone this will totally work. You might have to try a couple of different outlets near your rig (I did and it connected)... TP-Link Powerline Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit - AV1000 Gigabit Port, Plug&Play, Ethernet Over Power, Nano Size, Ideal for Smart TV, Online Gaming, Wired Connection Only (TL-PA7017 KIT) : Everything Else

I've been very happy with my Cocktail Audio X50D - with both CD ripping and wifi performance. In my previous apartment I had it hardwired, now I'm running it on wifi. Not much difference. But, adding a nearby wifi extender with a cable into the X50D is certainly an option.

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Not a fan of the AC / Ethernet adaptors. IMHO the pure Wifi to Ethernet adaptors are better. Have a single Ethernet cable you hook to your streamer. Use a phone Wifi analyzer first to ensure strong signal and that you aren’t competing with other routers on the same channels.  Also, these adapters only need a single unit to work, as opposed to one near the router and one near your streamer: