Thinking of Downsizing

I don’t listen to my system as often as I used to, but don’t want to completely get rid of it. Frankly I could use the funds that the sale would offer and am thinking of replacing some of it with more value priced options. I do enjoy my vinyl collection and would like to keep it and my turntable.

The pieces I’m thinking of replacing are a pair of Bower & Wilkins 805 D3, McIntosh  MA6700 and a REL SHO S5.

I’ve looked at the Marantz PM 8006 amp as a possibility, but would like to pair it with some small footprint bookshelf speakers, at a cost of no more then $1000 a pair.

Any comments or suggestions?



Well after listening to a few speakers, I’ve purchased my replacements for my 805 D3’s. I ordered a pair of KEF LS50’s. A little above my budget, but I enjoyed the sound and the Wife should be happy with their appearance. I may keep my Rel sub or sell it and buy a smaller one. Not to figure out how to sell locally, I’d prefer not to ship.

At the time, almost 7 years ago, we had purchased a new Home of 4,000 sq ft. With a man cave. It was a trade off, I got to buy whatever stereo I wanted and she could buy new furnishings for the Home. We downsized into 1,600 sq. ft almost 2 years ago, but yes, she has never warmed to my B&W’s.

The Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 has a good phonostage in it. Likely pair well with your LS50 Meta's.  Somewhat more costly than the Marantz 8006.