Thinking of Downsizing

I don’t listen to my system as often as I used to, but don’t want to completely get rid of it. Frankly I could use the funds that the sale would offer and am thinking of replacing some of it with more value priced options. I do enjoy my vinyl collection and would like to keep it and my turntable.

The pieces I’m thinking of replacing are a pair of Bower & Wilkins 805 D3, McIntosh  MA6700 and a REL SHO S5.

I’ve looked at the Marantz PM 8006 amp as a possibility, but would like to pair it with some small footprint bookshelf speakers, at a cost of no more then $1000 a pair.

Any comments or suggestions?


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The Mac will have the highest resale value, just because of the following the company has.

  As the owner of the B&W 803-D, I can tell you their resale value is disappointing.  I decided to just stick with mine, but you could look at the Paradigm Founders range, particularly the small floorstanders which I thought were an amazing bargain.  If you go that route I would keep the sub initially, but if you decide you can go without the sub sell that later.

  I’m not a big Marantz fan.  I would look at Parasound or perhaps Prima Luna for amps

The B&W speaker sound is kind of special.  I suggest you consider sticking to the brand.  An alternative set of points may be Monitor Audio and Focal, but not sure you are going to get where you want to for $1,000.

$1k is a pretty low bar. Perhaps something in the more main line range like Klipsh RPM600/2 or JBL's?

Just to clarify, I’m thinking of about $2500 for the receiver and speakers. The small footprint is because of the Wife factor. I’ve found myself listening only once or twice a month and have noticed some hearing loss as I age. Thanks to everyone for the comments.

I have seen the B&W 600 series Anniversary and will check out Klipsch.

I wouldn't discount the Ascends.

Bamboo cabinets, Seas mid/woofer, and RAAL ribbon tweeter all for around $800 used.

You are going to be disappointed in a $1000 speaker. Keep the 805s and replace the Mac with a Musical Fidelity Integrated, that will still put money in your pocket.

There are lots of incredibly musical, fun speakers in the 1000 range - used.
If you don’t need big volume, you can go with a small-ish bookshelf from the following brands - this is a list of them with bookshelves under 2K - new.

Some of these have only consumer speakers in the under 2K range, like Klipsch, so it’s not that straightforward


Audio Physic
Martin Logan
Monitor Audio*
Ohm Walsh
Polk Audio*
Q Acoustics*
Sonus Faber


*their flagship models are in the 2K range

I am adding this because there is always a dilemma: do you want to buy a speaker that is the top end of their line at 2K or their low end at the same price, e.g. Polk vs Sonus Faber. I would definitely trust KHL and PSB and Monitor Audio, and there are other great values such as Amphion, Buchardt, Triangle, etc. but less known in the US.

Another B&W owner here. The 803 D3.

Like others have said, I also think you will be disappointed if you get another speaker with a budget of $1000.

If you are intent on going with small bookshelf speakers, can you also get a small sub?  Or perhaps think of adding one later if you find you’ve just pruned down to far.

I would also look at powered speakers.  My understanding is they tend to get more bass out of a smaller enclosure, you save money on cables, and your wife will like the form factor.  Not sure how they fit with the turntable, however 

Well after listening to a few speakers, I’ve purchased my replacements for my 805 D3’s. I ordered a pair of KEF LS50’s. A little above my budget, but I enjoyed the sound and the Wife should be happy with their appearance. I may keep my Rel sub or sell it and buy a smaller one. Not to figure out how to sell locally, I’d prefer not to ship.

At the time, almost 7 years ago, we had purchased a new Home of 4,000 sq ft. With a man cave. It was a trade off, I got to buy whatever stereo I wanted and she could buy new furnishings for the Home. We downsized into 1,600 sq. ft almost 2 years ago, but yes, she has never warmed to my B&W’s.

The Rouge Audio Sphinx V3 has a good phonostage in it. Likely pair well with your LS50 Meta's.  Somewhat more costly than the Marantz 8006.

I’ve ordered an Amp to pair with my new LS 50 Metas, it is an Arcam SA20 and I was able to get it for $1,300. I’m all in for 3K, which was a little above my budget, but hope that everything pairs well and the loss of sound isn’t too critical. Thanks everyone for their comments and advice.


Small system? I put together a Keces e40, with an Aune X8 with a Sparkos upgrade driving ML 15i speakers.  Also have Dali Opticon 1.  All on sale, total with cables all under $1,900. 

If it doesn't have WAF, nothing will.

Good choice on the LS 50’s. I had originally planned to buy the R3 on their close-out sale but decided to step up to the R3 meta models. Tremendous speakers for the price. I think KEF is really on to something with their Meta material technologies.