Thinking of trying "vintage" sound just for fun

I'm thinking of picking up a nice Fisher 400, or maybe even a H. H. Scott 299 and hearing what my ears heard decades ago.  My speakers are heavily modified Klipschorns (wood Tractrix horns with TAD 2001 drivers, ALK 120 db/octave networks).  The sound from these speakers with Sonic Frontiers and Audio Research stuff upstream (SFL-2, SF-D, SFT-1, VT-100) is highly detailed with a lovely soundstage, and percussive wavefronts that will split your skull.   An old 'vintage' integrated would be entirely different... and I suspect quite satisfying.

Stay warm everybody!  
I have two Scott's that have been restored,/upgraded. A 233 and a 299. Low power but s good match with efficient speakers! They can drive my Quads well indeed!
The term "Vintage Iron" isn't just a casual description. I have several old restored EICO products that sound extremely linear but retain that  musicality and authority that vintage equipment is capable of in our modern hi fi world. Pair them with the right speakers and it's off the merry go round for a lot of folks. 

Have a beautiful all original (albeit painfully gone through and restored) Scott 222 Stereomaster from '57 playing gloriously with a set of Electro Voice Centurions. Can talk about the amp if you're serious. Breaking down this incredible vintage setup and selling it all. - B
I was blown away at how good a Baldwin (converted) amp sounded with my Khorns. Magical. 
I had a Fisher 500c at one time and Klipsch Corner Horns.. Sure was a nice combo. I left them where I bought them. 100 VAC setup..

I havd a Fisher 5000C also. Sold it and sorry I did. It was a very nice piece of equipment.
My uncle has a nice Scott 340b receiver, restored and with some cap upgrades driving Klipsch Heresy speakers. At 35 wpc, it is more than enough to drive these speakers to glorious sound. 
I used a Scott 222C with a pair of Vandersteen 1Ci's for many years. I tried a few other vintage Scott's as well but I preferred the 222C with it's EL84's over the amps with 7591's. A properly restored 222C is a great amp. Good Luck!
From the SS side of things, I am still digging the made in Japan, Marantz receivers from the 70's,with their wood cases, vu meters, solid build and other extras. The Model 2275 is a good example at 75w pc. As with all these vintage receivers, some restoration will be required, unless you purchase one that is already done up. 

I have a Fischer TA-500 mono receiver in really good condition with original tubes that (even tho' it has a MPX adaptor outlet) I am thinking of setting up as the center of an all mono system, maybe with one of the SoundSmith mono cartridges and an Altec A7-500.
I still have my sansui 90/90 running in my garage with bose 901’s. Can piss off the neighbors anytime I want. It’s handy being in the garage as the power supply can double as a welder when needed!
My Sansui AU 7700 is so good that i am afraid to upgrade save for very costly high end product.... Nothing else, the cheaper will be a Berning ZOTL amplifier...

But i listen music so glorious now i think why upgrading?

Vintage was my only way to afford hi-fi and it worked for me....
I agree on the Marantz 2270 receiver.  It was the heart of my first real hi-fi music system in 1973.  I wish that I never sold it.  I would have it rebuilt and enjoy as a system in a different room from my main system.  Really a great sounding unit with plenty of heft to drive even less efficient speakers.  At least it went to a friend who took good care of it and enjoyed it for many years.