This one looks like my old love

In my 40 years of audio history, there are only two speakers that I had listened for more than 10 years.

My first love was Apogee Duetta Signature from 1988 to 1998.

Since I had wanted sub bass I sold it and got B&W 801 with 14 inches woofer

I could get sub bass with B&W but missed the nuanced soundstage out of Apogee.

This Analysis Audio Omega looks like a twin of Apogee Duetta Signature.

And it looks sexy with red color and got good review.

I am happy with Lansche 4.1 speakers which I had been using since 2007.

Shall I get Analysis Audio Omega as a second system reminding me of my first love?

The only problem is that I do not have amplifier to drive Analysis Audio Omega with enough power.

It seems to require 400W at least.

I used to drive Apogee Duetta Signature with Krell KSA 150 which put out 300W to 4 ohm.

If I get my old love as second system , can it bump my present speaker?

I do not thinks so, Lansche 4.1 is more balanced with nice plasma tweeter so I can not give it up.

But I still miss my old love with natural soundstage and nuanced details.


  I have a pair of mint Apogee Duetta II speakers, bought new in 1987. The Analysis Audio Omega speakers look nice, but be wary that they are made in Greece. Sadly, high end companies tend to come and go. Apogee has been gone since 1996, but spare parts are available from a man named Graz in Australia. I'd buy a pair of mint Apogees before these speakers from Greece, if only for reasons of long term company existence and support. 
@ scorpio1951

I appreciate your opinion.

But it is hard to repair Apogee even if it's part is available.

Since I am using tube amplifier, I am not so sure whether I will go back to planar speakers.
And I thought you could live with the Lansche till you die :-)

You mention that you don't have the amp to drive the Omegas. If I were you, I would rather spend money on music OR upgrade existing equipment to make the primary system sound more musical. You have a fine system and space. Forget about old love; be happy with what you have; for you have not seen what tomorrow might bring.
@ milpai

I agree with your point.

As I get older, I miss my first love.

But I do not have powerful SS amplifier to drive power hungry planar speakers.

It will be better to upgrade the front end for my primary speaker which can last for my life.
Speaker tech has evolved since the '90's.
I would try to visit as many dealers as you can. There must be something in current production that can meet your needs.
But, I do understand you love for the Apogee's. A very special speaker.
For me, I would look for a pair of Magnepan or perhaps Quad.
Much easier to drive with similar (some may disagree), attributes.
I used to use Silbatone 300B SET 8 watts inte amp with original WE 300b made 90 years ago.

But after moving to my present house 6 years ago, I found that I need more power.

As a first step, I had tried Rogue Cronus Magnum II with good results especially after some tube rolling.

Even after tube rolling, the cost of integrated is 3K which is tiny compared with that of speaker.

Line Magnetic 508 is on the way and I expect to get it on Saturday 13th.

I also consider Lyngdorf 3400 but I had not made up my mind yet since I already have done room correction using Accuphase dg28 for 15 years.

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@ gdnrbob

I had been happy with Lansche 4.1 since 2007.

Thus I do not need to change it.

The only reason  considering Analysis Audio as second system  is that it looks like a twin of my old love Apogee.

I had heard Maggie and liked its treble and soundstage.

But Maggie got no slam otherwise Apogee had some slam.
@ milpai

I had been happy using EMMLab Dac2 for 8 years.

It may be time to update it.

But If I get Lyngdorf 3400, then I may not need to update Dac so I decided to  wait and see.