This TT Setup Shouldn’t Sound this Good


I purchased an Oracle Delphi MK II new in 1982. It has been a great table for the last 38 years. 2 years ago the motor started acting up. The TT has been sitting on its rack for a few years not getting used. A few months ago I decided to get the motor replaced. I contacted Oracle about the pricing of a new motor and a few other upgrades. Oracle contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trading in my MK II for a new MK VI. They gave me a very good deal on trading my old TT in. So now I have a new Oracle MK VI in my system.

‘When I received the TT I set it up using a Graham Phantom B44 Tonearm, Denon DL-S1 cartridge, Denon AU-S1 SUT, using Audience phono cables and using my Mod Squad Phono Drive. (The phono drive is a great little unit). I was astonished how good this setup sounded. Every album I played brought a smile to my ears. It sounds so good that I’m questioning my main TT Setup.

My main TT setup is as follows:

ClearAudio Master Solution TT

Graham Phantom Elite Tonearm 

Benz LPS Cartridge 

Tara Labs Zero Evolution phono w/ ground station

and a Aesthetic I/O Eclipse phono pre amp. My CA setup makes wonderful music.

I didn’t think the Oracle setup could compete with my CA setup but it is unbelievable dam close. I will go thru my calibration on my CA again to make sure all is set up properly.

 I’m not complaining, I’m just stunned how good the Oracle setup sounds. I’m more than happy that I have 2 working TT again. The best part is having 2 different stylus shapes to listen to.

Joe Nies


Are these two rigs feeding the same amplifier and speakers? If so, I certainly could see the Oracle/DLS1 competing with the Clearaudio/Benz and even bettering the latter combo, especially if you exchange the two tonearms. But without knowing about amp(s) and speakers it’s impossible to say.

Yes the the 2 TT feed into my Spectral 30SS pre amp, then to the Spectral DMA 360 mono amps. My speakers are Avalon Radian HC’s. Speaker cables are MIT-850 Triads.

 I’m just surprised how good the Oracle setup sounds


If you swap the Phantom with the B44, assuming the Phantom (a modified unipivot) is happy with the spring-suspended Oracle, you might actually prefer the Oracle rig. Or Oracle might take off with a gimbal-bearing tonearm of similar high quality.

Not surprised at all … I still miss my Mk I w/Syrinx/Koetsu … current VPI Classic/SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC better in some respects, not all.

Obviously the new Oracle is no slouch. Biggest variable is gonna be the cartridges, and the fact that you have a SUT in the Oracle chain, versus all-tube active gain on the other rig. Unfortunately the Benz LPS won't agree with a SUT, but if not too much trouble you should try a different cart & SUT combo on the main rig (putting the Io into MM mode) and see if that does more for you. A good cart & SUT combo can boogie.