Tice Power Block

I have used an original Tice Power Block for over 2 decades, with nice satisfaction.  Having become aware over the years that upgrading power cords throughout y system has had benefits, I wonder if doing the same to the Tice Power Block itself might be useful; unfortunately the original model did not have a removable power cord.....any thoughts?
It could help and there is really only one way to find out and that is to try it out in your own system.  Also, later Tice Power Block and Titans came with an upgrades TPT power cords. 
most upgrade power cords are sealed and soldered at the component end......I need suggestion for one that might be amenable to surgery....

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Based on what jab has heard then yes you need to replace the TICE, or maybe use for another location or component.  The only timeless TICE product Was the clock which I still own.   That baby still tells the time.    

What you need is the campanion piece,The Titan. The Tice Titan stores 1800w of conditioned electricity and your components take their power from it. You won't belive the difference. I use the original Power Block / Titan Combo for as long as you have.