Tidal FLAC vs. Qobuz

Does the recent change by Tidal, from MQA to FLAC make Tidal the better choice for streaming?  Or, since Tidal only seems to offer FLAC on its own app and not the BluOS defeat the purpose since you need to transmit by Bluetooth instead of ethernet?  

Currently, I stream from Tidal over direct ethernet cable to a Bluesound Vault streamer, to a McIntosh amp and Revel speakers.  I have a trial membership to  Qobuz but I find Tidal has a much better catalog.  Since Tidal added Flac I thought it would be the obvious choice moving forward, but isn't the point of FLAC defeated since you need to send wirelessly from the Tidal app over Bluetooth?



I really liked the BluOS app. It’s a very versatile app with plethora of options to stream. That’s one thing I missed with current App. By all means, keep the Vault and get a better DAC. As others have reported, you can also improve Vault’s performance by upgrading its power supply plus good quality SPDIF cable. 

As far as picking a DAC, search online and keep an eye on used market here and on USAM. I am confident you can find something within your budget and to your liking. It’s a bit of work but well worth it. 

Good luck! 

Besides the catalog, what about the SQ (hi-res vs hi-res)?

Previously I was with Tidal and I switch to Qobuz when available in Canada re SQ (note : I do not have a MQA dac and when I was with Tidal, I prefer Tidal Redbook versions to MQA versions most of the time as MQA always sound un-natural to me. So, when I said I preferred Qobuz SQ, I was comparing Redbook Tidal to hi-res Qobuz).

Now, as Tidal hi-res is Flac, I was wondering... How do they compare?

@mojo771 I’ve being streaming FLAC files via BluOS for a few weeks now. Support came in their 4.0 software release. The FLAC files sound great. MQA competes, but I think overall the highest bit rate FLAC is better - better separation, soundstage, crispness without being harsh, etc.