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I'm a longtime Apple Music subscriber but, on a whim, decided to try out Qobuz to see what all the fuss is about.  For digital, I do my listening primarily through my Macbook pro and iPhone, in either case run through my JDS Labs Element II to Senn HD-660 S.  I queued up Art Blakey's Moanin' on both platforms, listening first to Apple Music, then to Qobuz, then back to Apple Music.  It's always that last step where I feel the differences come out.  And boy did they.  When I went back to Apple music on the third listen, I almost ripped off my cans in shock.  It was so jarring.  I had my wife do some blind listening and she consistently chose Qobuz, describing it as rounder and flatter.  So now I'll have two streaming services, though I swore I'd never be that guy.  

Apple music is vastly superior, especially on mobile, for library management and navigation, as well as discovery.  I do hope Qobuz works on that.  
I just randomly cued up some 20th Century string quartet music that showed up on my Qobuz home page. Never heard of the either the artists or the composer. Lovely piece. Lovely playing. Lovely fidelity.
Joined recently @ “Studio” level...awesome quality of playback via USB > DAC.  Keeping AMZN HD while trial free to Premium members, but find that we gravitate to Qobuz nearly always.  Also - FWIW - signed up for the trial Audirvana app for optimizing PC USB streaming, but can’t get it to accept Qobuz login details...ready to punt on it. 
Do enjoy your Qobuz!
I've had Qobuz for about 2 years and really enjoy it. The sound quality is excellent and the selection of material vast.  However, to find music, I don't use the Qobuz player interface much. I use the Logitech Media Server with my players to not only manage my own local collection but also to search and select music from Qobuz. The integration is seamless -- I can build a playlist that intermixes songs from my own collection with Qobuz's.  And it also keeps track of my favorites.  There are other options available so don't think you are stuck with only the Qobuz play web site.
@mlsstl - Glad to hear you have been enjoying it for so long!  So far, I am continuing to use apple music to search for and categorize my music.  When I choose an album, I then switch over the Qobuz app, find it, and listen.  I see there is a lot of third part software I could use with my macbook pro, but I honestly never stream music from my mac--it's always from my phone while I'm working or doing something else.  My main listening setup is for vinyl, so I probably won't invest in serious library software at this point.    

@compass_rose2 - glad to hear you are enjoying it and thank you for the well wishes!

@fuzztone - thanks for your valuable input.  

@edcyn - great idea and I randomly listened to a few albums today like this as well.  
The cost to "invest" in LMS (Logitech Media Server) is zero -- it's free. And it can be installed on Windows PCs, Mac's and Linux machines (include Raspberry Pi's), so it makes a great option even if you don't feel like spending big bucks on an official hi-fi product.


When I started streaming a couple years ago I tried Tidal, Qobuz and Amazon Hi Res.  I was already using Amazon on Alexa devices in my home for my daughter and casual listening.  It is much more practical for me to have Amazon Music upgraded then to add a 2nd service but I was willing to if I could appreciate anything.  I have done several A-B on songs with Qobuz and Amazon and cannot ever tell a difference.  I have a Bluesound Node 2i going Cardas Clear coax out to a Schiit Yggdrasil.  I feel the Node is my weak link and wonder if an upgrade there would allow Qobuz to shine.  Curious on your experience comparing these two services and what streamer you are using.  Thanks, Dana

If you do a search here, you will find several
threads regarding Node upgrades. The most
popular one seems to be the PD Creative
board with a good quality LPS.


I have an Android phone but am writing this on an iPad. I get Apple Music for free on the iPad for another couple of months.  I use Qobuz on the phone.  I haven’t found a big difference in search capabilities between them.  The Apple won’t play on my streamer at home unless I pony up now for the subscription so I can’t compare SQ