Any recent experence with Timbernation?
I am conmsidering a build from him and the old threads show some past problems...
Thank you for your help
Chris recently built a beautiful 3 shelf, 2" tiger maple rack for me. He also built me another set of posts so I could give my tube amps some more breathing room. Excellent work at a fair price, delivered when he says it will be.
A little bit of a curmudgeon, but so am I.
I have a stand from a long time ago and wouldn't hesitate to buy one again (though the costs have gone up the quality is great).

What you allude to is in the past. One look at his site since shows lots more options and work being done.

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A few years ago he went through some tough times when his daughter died unexpectedly. I bought some maple platforms from him a long time ago and was very satisfied. He can be a little abrupt over the phone, but in the end you will get what you ask for.

Thanks... I did order a rack from him. He is quite pleasent on the phone and I am hoping that past neg history is just that.. past...
I bought a couple of custom racks from Chris in 3" cherry a few years back, beautifully built, I even sent him the stain I wanted him to use. Thinking of having him build me another smaller 4 shelf one once funds become available .
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I had a positive experience with TN,  very happy with the rack that he built for me, it is built very well and looks great. I would not hesitate to purchase again should the need arise. 
TN makes good racks and stands.

Could not be more pleased with their maple stands.

the tiger maple is beautiful. I did send an email to TN last year and never received a reply (to date)?
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The company has an A+ rating from the BBB. The report shows just one complaint and that it was resolved.
His daughter died in a tragic accident about 12 years ago and I don’t think he ever recovered. Even before that there were numerous reports all over the forums regarding his service and workmanship. BBB is apparently inept, like the work TN did for me once upon a time.

I've purchased 4 maple platforms from TN, one recently, with no problems.
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I feel so fortunate to have a good friend that does high end wood work. I was able to work with him and do a lot of the work myself on a four shelf solid maple rack. It was a winter project so we had a lot of fun getting together on Sunday's and building this rack. It's beautiful! By the way, I sanded my butt off, but it was well worth every minute!
Just received a timbernation all maple 4 shelf rack. Good workmanship and very good grade of maple. It took about 30 minutes to put together and fits tight. Nice change from metal and stacks. Very happy. The ordering is matter of fact. Send money receive email of money received and 3 weeks later it showed up. That is their customer service. It was expected from others feedback and posts. 
I bought a stand from him last summer.  The stand came out beautiful and the transaction went as smooth as silk.  No issues what so ever.