Time Travelling Troll: The AR / B&W 802 combo was awful

So many audiophiles I knew at the time were totally mesmerized by the combination of Audio Research amps with the B&W 802 series.  I never really understood why.  Super analytical, made the speakers sound tiny.
Audio Research Tube Amps, or Solid State? One of my best friends still uses a vintage Audio Research tube amp in his high-end system. He has $10k stand mounted speakers and a $30k vinyl playback chain. His Audio Research amp is awesome! I borrowed it once a few years ago and it messed me up for years trying find sound like that. Gave up as I was not willing to pay the cost/hassle of re-tubing, maintenance, etc. Oh, and the fact that it is so heavy that I cannot move it by myself. Doubles as a space heater.....
I never understood B&W. I liked the looks on some models. That's it.

AR, us poor folks couldn't afford to feed the beast back in their day.

I heard the new stuff is a lot better.

I could just barely afford Mac in the late 60s early 70s. I seldom paid money, it was always a trade and labor maybe a few bucks.. VERY FEW..

AR, us poor folks couldn't afford to feed the beast back in their day.

I heard the new stuff is a lot better.

It is.  And exceedingly boring. I mean it sounds really good.  Just as good as Parasound, so buy the Parasound. :)

I’ll take the Parasound. I’ve always been a fan.. :-)
I use to use their SS power amps with Mac tube preamps, wonderful combo. Then I tried one of their Zpre3 preamps.. Amazing little preamp..
I use it with a C20 Mac all tricked out.. I like the remote and of course tone and sub control.. Cool product..

The AR thing I went sideways on I went to VTL, a whole different ball game, BUT they didn't break down. They had BIG watts too.. AND a car drive away for me. I made them work 340 watt MBs with a Mac front end.. Serious SPL and a pretty good match with small planars. 5 ohm fixed, weird.. VTL..

The B&W though, just never cut it for me. The bass was always bloated and the highs usually boiled my ears. Everytime the room was full of the wrong kind of room treatment and the guy had it hooked to Mac SS gear.. LOL it just didn’t work for me.. I’m not a Mac SS Power amp guy either..
Heavy suckers..

I’m sure set up well and the room done right.. They are like most GREAT speakers. It’s not the speakers.. It’s the room. It’s not the amp, it’s the room, It’s not anything else, IT’S the room. 1/3 of the total sound issue but usually addressed wrong, if at all.. You know the story Erik.

I think quality craftsmanship is quality craftsman ship.  No matter if you are talking about audio components, cars, clothing...there is no substitute when you listen, look, touch an item of quality.  That is why when you can afford to buy the best, it can be a better investment than something cheaper.