I submitted kinda a cocky post, concerning my tinnitus and received a very informative post, from if I remember correctly, an MD suggesting I may also want to check to see if I am experiencing a related or different malady.  I have searched, but can not find the recommendation.  If whomever sent this to me is also reading this, please tell me again.  I will greatly appreciate it.  The original post was in Jan of 2018
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The Mayo is always the best reference. I suffer from tinnitus. Could the disorder you're thinking of be Meniere's disease?
 The dental related cause is TMJ. I was checked for both, mine was caused by a virus.
Thanks fellows.  Yes-I did see the Mayo Clinic info.  Don't think it's Menier's disease.  I'm not dizzy and it's in both ears.  On a scale of one to ten, guess it's about a 3-4.  If you've ever been around a gun shot or firework explosion, in close proximity, you know that ringing in your ears that eventually goes away.  I've been around both when young and dumb.  My problem is-it never goes away.  It hasn't interfered with my music listening, but does with multiple conversations going on and some TV dialog.

@handymann  have you been examined by an ENT? Ever had a hearing test by an audiologist?
I'm glad I did since they were able to reduce my tinnitus episodes.

Steve (Handymann), I think you may be referring to hyperacusis.  And to posts by member "Giri," a neurologist who mentioned that disorder in two posts in the following thread:


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@handymann - I too have the ringing (first noticed at five years old). I also have hypertension. The noise seems to be loudest (never severe) when my BP is up there. Might be worth investing in a BP "Cuff" and take readings when you have episodes...
Same here. Always had a little ringing thanks to flying lessons without headphones when in my early twenties. A couple of years ago the ringing got worse and the doctor recommended steroids. No thanks. My chiropractor said is was a result of the neck injury he was treating me for. He pointed out that since the ringing varied with me moving my jaw out, it was caused by the upper neck bone putting pressure on the nerve. After two years of regular treatment (neck adjustment), the ringing is back to where it normally was.

I’m no doctor but if your ringing changes with extreme jaw movement, then a chiropractor may be helpful.
My hyperacusis and tinnitus is fairly well controlled now after years of suffering. 
Hyperacusis is a sensitivity to high frequencies that can result in pain. It took a very long time to put together an audio rig where music is presented in a realistic and organic manner. 

Over-stress, excessive coffee, dental issues, etc, can be the causal point for forms of tinnitus.

Lowrider, consider the Teo audio cables, if you bother with the whole cable end of the pool at all. The actual act of conductivity really is different than wire (by any definition of the sciences and physics). It’s the first change in ’wire as transmission line’ in 150 years.

Thus (without getting into the complexities)...The sound is in the organic area, with excellent retrieval of rich detail, both micro and macro, speed, attack, all there..but none of the audiophile etched harshness. The better balanced a system is in this way, the more the cable reveals itself to be the correct choice for quality and neutrality.
Music as a visceral and real thing, living, moving etc, not the etched over-hyped punch up of exaggerated micro detail harsh distortions of the world of audiophilia... that is there to cover up the aspect that the rest of the system is mud.

The fight for music vs easy access to transient distortion that is mistaken for high end audio. Similar to the 5 minute romance of the over punched false and garish image... on a TV in a video store. It’s so bad that tv’s now all have a ’dynamic marketing sales mode’ for the video presentation in store.

People can buy into and can mistake audio qualities in the same way.

We don’t market or produce product for those mindsets or sets of hearing oriented in that manner. When people say our cables sound great, it is because they are looking for and reaching for reality in sound reproduction, not more falsified edginess.

Taras and I, the principles of Teo, are sensitive to this problem area and are aware that the false details and edginess is principally obscuring distortion, so it has two major faults. It tells lies and it covers up real signal. The liquid metal, in how it moves in conjunction with signal, removes a large amount of the problem areas in the transient LCR functions that wire itself has. As it is not an atomic lattice solid at all, it is a molecular level fluid at room temperature, and conductivity literally expresses itself differently. No hype, all physics.

This is slowly dawning on people so we are getting less and less vitriol thrown at us as people begin to ’get it’.
@teo_ audio, thanks for the comments.
I now have a system that is easy on the ears; it’s extended but smooth. My system is all tubes. For my hearing issues I started at the source with a NOS DAC and reclocker. Found some Silent Source ICs (looking for their speaker cables), and purchased a High Fidelity CT-2 S/PDIF. Speakers are now Gibbon Super 8’s.
Next, I treated vibration in my rack and components. Amazing how important this is.

This has helped the high frequency pain issue. When I have a tinnitus event, it interrupts my listening session. The funny part is every time it presents I look around the house for the cause of the ringing, but it’s in my head.

Oh brother, a cable manufacturer hawking their cables in a thread about someone's Tinnitus.
Working all the angles.  Wonders never cease.