Tone arm slow on the drop

I recently purchased a used Basis 1400 with a Rega 250 arm. It had been in storage for some time. Works fine but when cueing up the play it is painfully slow to actually get down to the groove. This doesn't seem normal to me since I am comparing it to the last TT I used.
Is this function fluid dampened or adjustable? I want to give it a shot of WD 40 but, will hold off till I can hear from more patient people.
DON'T WD40!!! Others more knowledgeable can explain options, but there's a silicone gel or something in there that needs replaced, but WD40 will dissolve it so much you'll get instant drop instead of slow. I'd rather not say how I happen to know this :O
I had this same experience with a RB300. It was very slow to drop, although it wasn't so long it was a big problem. It just seemed abnormally long. I just lived with it, as everything else was fine . . .
heat up the arm lift assembly with a hairdryer a bit to loosen some of the silicon fluid. maybe shine a lamp on it while you play. nothing too excessive though.
Hmmm.. I think I will try the hairdryer idea. That will also blow some of the dust off the table too !!
Usually a slow response on lowering an arm is due to an air bubble. Sometimes the bubble goes away. You can try to help the arm lower faster with a very gentle push down. I have found after a few times "helping" it along the arm acts normally. Also, I have found with just daily use the arm with start to lower faster. Since it was in storage for awhile, daily use might just fix the problem.
Just my 2 cents, I would not use a hair dryer. You could heat up arm pivot lubrication and cause possible damage.

Just do as Mofimadness recommended in his post. Exercise the arm lift. You can do so by gently using your fingers on the lift itself.
Hmmmm.... so forget the blow dryer and start exercising my tonearm? Geez I don't even exercise myself. Will try the exercise routine first since it seems to be the safest approach.