Tonearm cable for VPI Scout JMW9 arm

Looking for comments on a tonearm cable from my VPI Scout table with JMW9 arm to my Dynavector P75 MKII phono preamp. I'm between cartridges at the moment. I had been thinking about the VPI tonearm cable for a couple of hundred bucks since it's essentially the same wire as what's in the tonearm but open to other suggestions. Is a shielded cable crucial for this? Thanks for your comments.
The VPI cable is good value and sounds fine. Of course, since I am a VPI dealer you would expect me to say that. It can be bettered for more money, as is usually the case in audio. I used the metal screened version of Van den Hul's THE FIRST ULTIMATE with good success [also a dealer for them]. I occasionally use the unscreened version as well so an unshielded cable MIGHT work but you could get hum problems, it all depends on your system. Cable choices are very personal; you can't go wrong with the VPI, you can get more performance for more money, you might find one you like better for the same money or even less. See how simple it all is? LOL
Thanks Stanwal. I've been down that path before many times just not with tonearm cables. My previous table had the cable as part of the arm so there was no changing it. Without getting into the "cables sound different vs cables sound the same" debate it seems to me the tonearm cable is one of the cables in the system that would potentially have the greatest effect on the sound. Speculation only. I don't have the system set up yet but my first thought was to try Kimber Hero with a separate ground wire since I have it available.
"my first thought was to try Kimber Hero with a separate ground wire"

I have Hero on my JMW 9 Sig going to a GCPH after trying many in that price range and lower. Hero seems neutral. Do not have a ground wire and am getting slight hum if you listen at the speaker. The VPI cable seems to decrease the highs a bit, but is warm. Hero strikes a balance. Also, both seem to be well made with the Hero have a bit of an edge.

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PS: Have Hero XLR's going from the GCPH to my NAD M3.
I use Anti-Cables from the VPI to the preamp. They offered to make me a double shielded version because they said that the regular single shielded version might pick up some rfi. I compared the doubly shielded version to the stock version, and the stock was just as impervious to rfi in my system as the doubly shielded variety. The doubly shielded cable sounded slightly closed in compared to the stock version, so I've been using the stock version with no desire to change.