Too many cans with no storage!

Hi Goners!

I wonder if any of you have multiple "cans", in my case six, and needed to find a solution for hanging them?
I am not looking for a DIY fix, nor am i looking for the cheap alternatives that are poorly made...No wall hooks!!
I would like something  that is practical AND attractive so my wife will not ask me to remove it!...:-)

Thanks to all,

you could try using LEGO toy bricks to construct something, i guess you would need lots of them to make good foundation. 
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Well, time to enlist the wife to aid in your search. Don't know her decor preference but I think something in the style of apothecary drawers might be suitable, provided it matches the decor theme. 

The interior dimensions of the drawers must be big enough to hold the headphones and cables, obviously. The added benefit is keeping the cans from accumulating dust. 

Makes me want to collect cans just so I could have a set of apothecary drawers - or library drawers, if you will - to store them.

Good luck.
A can?? What is a can?? Hilarious.

I’ve seen some beautiful wooden stands online in the past. Can’t remember any models that would handle that many pair, though. They were laminated and heavy enough to be used as an exterior door header.

I’m surprised in this hobby no one is making them out of real ears yet. Maybe ears are hard to come by- toes, I can get you a toe. (Probably no Big Lebowski fans here to get that joke.)

If I can find that webpage again I’ll forward it to you.

Just looked and Head fi site has some threads on stands. I'm pretty sure that's where I remembered seeing them-

if you are in north jersey John at Audio Connection has some beautiful maple headphone stands with room for two pairs

Sennheiser makes a nice clam that goes on the edge of a shelf.  I have approximately a dozen cans and find it works well with all the various types that I have (Grado, Auduze, Berindynamic, AKG, Koss, etc) and they work well.  I found them advertised in Crutchfield a few years back and bought a half dozen.  They are great and I have them all available at a moments reach.  I also use the Core Audio Design Zebra headphone stand, which I consider one of the best of all time.
Don’t get me wrong but I have to admit more than one or two visible sets of phones begins to look like clutter. A wall mounted cupboard sunken into a wall in between joists would be my way of storing as many sets.

A shoe rack takes up more real estate than these. And shoe for shoe may even cost more

The dummy heads are a smart idea.

Hi azjake,

My good friend Ghosthouse made me aware of this thread and it reminded me of this ultimate thread. It may give you a few ideas.

Good luck and fun finding

Thank you all, even the ones who were busting my chops...:-) Thanks Pokey 77 for the great read but God help me if i ever had THAT much headphones and equipment, i'd be homeless!
Deer horns?!   Unless she's 'into' 'rustic chic' and guns as well, that could be a disaster....and in that scenario, she might pull the trigger, literally.

C'mon, guys....a drawer.  Pad the bottom.  Or behind a door in a cabinet that will have a high SAF.  If 'the system' is in a 'common space', give the spouse a break.  She's already tolerating that, and headphones (especially the more esoteric varieties) start to look like something that's used for a version of mind control.

One in view, used frequently, is tolerable.  Buy a nice stand in a material that 'goes with' the decor.  Engage her with the selection options.  She may respond in a fashion you might enjoy, but don't count on that...;)

If you've got mountz' collection, you really should look into creating a 'man cave' for all of it, wave the white flag, and sue for peace.

Just a friendly suggestion...*S* least, in your 'man cave', you could have a deer's head with the 'phones on it's ears.  Have a different 'head' for each of your head-phones.  And it would be kinda amusing to see, since each one has different 'voicing', right?

Send me a picture if you 'go there'....;)