Top 50 audiophile magazines to be reviewed in?

I have my top 50 tweaks that I want reviewed, so should I spread it out and send to 50 different audiophile magazines? Which ones do you recommend? If they are in other languages it is fine too.
Or should I send multiple tweaks to the same reviewer so they can make a comparison? What is the best choice?

I have planned to wait until the first magazine review comes out (any day now), then I will show the other magazines that review so they take my tweaks seriously and want to review.
50've been busy! I can only think of a few published magazines which will be on everyones list, Hi-Fi, Stereophile, Absolute Sound and Home Theatre (which is debate-able as an Audiophile), and that's all I know of. But the cave is dark and Tv reception is poor...OH!!...hey look I have internet! Sorry,but I only know of the English mags, I know there are many foreign mags published, but I never read them, the photography is too poor quality:)
Try writing and submitting an article to one of the on-line mags. I can't think of 5 tweaks, so 50 is impressive.

Audiophiles magazines are not what it used to be,
Their rating about brands and pieces of gear are base in many other interest other than true performance and value.
Trust your ears and fellow owners no editors......
I crossed that bridge learning on a hard way.
No such a thing as 50 serious audio magazines, even in Europe people read ours.
Aren't you the "Coconut" Audio guy. No wonder you have 50 tweaks to submit. I was wondering what happened to you. "Went back to the lab eh"....
The Audio Critic

If it's still online. At the least you will get an honest evaluation of your tweaks.
The 50 tweaks are only the top tweaks, I have another 80 special edition tweaks, and 47 discontinued tweaks where the material ran out. So 177 total tweaks that are successful. I also have a few hundred failed tweaks in the basement, and I also threw away around 100 kg of tweaks while moving, they are too many to count. I have tweaked daily for 11 years, without doing anything else. Now I'm finished.
i got a ton of tweaks in my basement. swing by with a dump truck and they are yours.
Hmm, What about the one Havens/Hardesty guy(s) had--is it still around?

I believe it pulled no punches.

I remember you now. You were peddling a bag of junk in the classifieds that you said was worth over a grand. Coconut indeed... it sounds like one fell on your head.
Roxy54, do you mean the Acoustic Revive RGC-24 Ground Conditioners I had for sale? I had 11 of them and sold them all. It took only 1 day of tweaking to build something better than RGC-24.
The Audio Critic would be nice, but they wouldn't even consider trying my tweaks. I have tried James Randi's skeptic forum to review my tweaks for years, but they never want it, because they "already know" it "can't possibly make a difference". All the skeptic magazines can be removed from my list. I remember a long thread at James Randi forum where someone tried PS Audio Noise Harvester and couldn't hear a difference, I think he was using laptop speakers to evaluate it and recorded in on camera to show there was no difference. That's what you can expect from skeptic reviewers.

Audioholics permanently banned me for using ERS Paper in my system and writing about it, because they said it didn't make a difference and was a fire hazard. After blowing up my system twice, I started building my own tweaks to replace the ERS Paper.

I will try sending my VibraPortal Alien Planet to Home Theater magazine, it's great for movies so it would fit nicely.
All my other tweaks I will send to other magazines.
But Stereophile doesn't think my tweaks work, that's why I'm waiting until the Stereo Times review of GroundHanger is published until I contact them.
I will try TAS too. What about enjoythemusic?
Mountainsong, the last thing I want is dishonest magazine reviews. Should I let forum members review the tweaks instead?
I have found that the best testimonials I got, was when I never asked for it. The customers just wrote them because they were happy and satisfied with the product. Should I keep doing this? Just wait and not chase reviewers?
Yes, let forum members review your tweaks. This means, of course, that you must send them out for review free of charge. If you are willing to do this, I am sure that you would get honest responses...

Audio magazines are full of the same advertisement on an on,
i don't even feel the urge to purchase them anymore, once i could not wait for the next one to show up on my mail.
I did so many mistakes based on reviews that as i said i leaned in the hard way, my present system is based of audiophile forums all over the world as patrick82 said, comments that i did not ask for, i found them not necessarily from dealers that always advice about what they have, making you think is the best and other brands not as good.
I crossed that bridge but I learned a lot, i guess we all crossed that path at some point in our lives.
Very happy with my current set up, not about money spent is about personal satisfaction, trust me your ears don't lie follow them always...
You are right about the magazines. I have noticed that magazines only review crappy "bling bling" stuff that are expensive and look good, with fancy packaging, but have poor audio quality from the 50's.

If there was a product so good that it would bankrupt the entire audio industry, they would not want to review that device, because nobody would advertise in their magazine anymore. Customers have said that my tweaks will bankrupt the high-end industry, it is better if I let forum members review them who are not afraid to give their honest opinion and compare against other manufacturers.
We are all here and listening. So tell us about your best tweaks already.
It is better if others tell you about them instead, I could write a book about the tweaks!
patrick82 - There is a conspiracy in the industry to suppress tweaks, especially controversial ones. Didn't you get the memo?

"There is a conspiracy in the industry to suppress tweaks, especially controversial ones. Didn't you get the memo?"

Yes, it's called "natural selection".

Although with the media, controversy can be a selling point, but one would hope integrity would trump that when it comes to a matter of business.