Toronto Audio Enthusiasts

My name is Colm and I live in Brampton. Are there other out there who might be interested in forming an informal "Audio Club" via Audiogon? This region is fertile territory for such a gathering of like-minded audio-interested individuals. All that has been missing is the comminications! LMK Regards, Colm
If there has been no further progress in forming this audiophiles club, check out the "Audiophiles - North America" club that has been formed on Facebook. It's got some big names in it including the head of Cardas Audio. The membership in this club is by invitation only but if you'd like to join, you can go to: ... 187&ref=ts

and click on "Request to Join" and after verification, you'll get a confirmation email. The site has some cool photos of the biggest names in the high-end audio world that have not been published anywhere else.
I'm an audio nut bar. Can't go through the day without thinking about audio. I'm in Toronto. I think I need theraphy. LOL. Colm from Brampton I know you I bought something from you in the pass.
Signed up with egroups. I live in Waterloo, but will be moving to Toronto this summer for a Co-Op job through Waterloo. Hope to meet some of you.

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Fellow Canadians,

We have a small group, so check it out: