Tracks to test tweeter performance

Doing a head to head with a pair of Focal 926 vs Quad Z-4. Wanted a couple suggestions on some tracks to compare the ribbonistas against the cone zone.  Got and favorite track you use to ensure the tweets stack up to your expectations?




Pat Metheny Bright Size Life and many other Pat's tracks involve hat sounds. 

The arte del violine by Locatelli 3 cd...

Perfect to test any high frequencies...

And if you can the Four seasons by Vivaldi on Tacet...

here it is tube only TOP audiophile recording of violin...Stunning...

If your tweeter is good you will enter heaven...

 Violin high notes are ideal test...Vibraphone and cymbals texture and decay  in second for me...


1st, use CD's, something might be 'less than perfect' about your cartridge's many  alignments. Then, compare your LP version to your CD version, gives you confidence, or helps you know re-adjustment(s) are needed.


Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams

Blue Nile, Walk Across the Rooftops

Duet: Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer: Enough is Enough, No More Tears

Andreas Vollenweider, White Winds

Measured results

an inexpensive SPL Meter and Specific Test Frequencies, with tripod screw. on tripod, listening position, seated ear height

a CD with specific test frequencies, I use this one

tracks 9 to 38

expensive, I could help you find a copy.

now you can measure your highs, and also see how balanced all frequencies are at your spot, in that space.



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“Slow Down” and “A Better Man” from Keb’ Mo’s Slow Down CD are good for cymbals.  Cyrus Chestnut’s self-titled CD is also good as is “Oscar Peterson Meets Roy Hargrove”.  Hope this helps, and best of luck in making your choice. 

All great suggestions.  Thank you.  Quad ribbons currently holding an edge.