Transparent audio

Does anyone remember if ultra bi-cable (not bi-wire) have same filter in both hi and low legs?
I'll be honest, I had some issues with a Transparent cable so I cracked the "network"   open.   Was pretty disappointed to see that all that was in there was a 10 cent resitor and a 50 cent capacitor 

Swapped all cables with networks, MIT and Transparent with AQ Water between amps and DAC and McKenzie on Tuner and system has never sounded better.   It was like I took a blanket off the speakers.   

Marketing hype 
Years ago had very near top of the line Transparent cables with network boxes replaced them back then with Silent Source and wow so much cleaner. Sold all Transparent and never looked at brand again.

Which Transparent series? Model(s)?
I have heard Silent Source as well- excellent cables, not in same system as Transparent though.

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I plan on auditioning Gen5 next month in Nashville TN.

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Anyone using the Powerisolator (conditioner) w/ their Gen5 cable systems?

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I have to laugh at the post saying that changing from Transparent was "like removing a blanket off the speakers."  Pathetic posts.
Ignorance and cluelessness have no bounds in the world of audio.

I concur.  To my ears Transparent cabling does no sound veiled.

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