transparent audio ultra ic burn in time

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i am running brand new transparent audio ultra interconnect with mm2 direct between Wadia and Pass Labs power amp. speaker cable is Transparent Cable referece with mm2. speaker cable has 500 hours but interconnect is new.
i find bass extension and airiness is poor compared to all other interconnects i tried;wireworld,Kimber,acoustic system international,Nordost,Monster cable.
i suspect i need to burn in the interconnect or at least 100 hours. i dont wish to return this cable just yet as i find the Transparent ref speaker cable the best amongst the above names in my system.
does any body have any experience with this interconnect?
I have no experience with the interconnects that you reference, but I can't imagine that if you don't like the sound of a cable new that it'll suddently start sounding great. I think a good portion of the reason for burn in is because over time you'll get used to the new sound and it might even grow on you.

In my limited experience, cables only make small difference in overall sound so to expect a major change from break in doesn't make much sense.

Even speakers maintain the majority of their signature sound after break in. While the tweeters may get smoother and the bass extension a bit better, if you didn't like them new it's unlikely that you'll like them at all.
I had a home audition of Transparent Ultra MM2 Speaker and interconnect cable. They just didn't sound good in my system. I returned them and purchased another product.
The low current that is used to burn in IC's will not make a IC that you don't enjoy into a IC that you will enjoy.
I have 200 hours on the Ultra cables and pleased to report a big improvement. sound kept changing,driving me nuts. first came the improvement in airiness which kept improving. followed by the improvement in bass exrension. Now bass extension,airiness and detail is excellent.i can safely recommend this cable but it must be burned in for at lest 200 hours. i also believe one must listen to any equipment before deciding.
thank you all for your replies
Alfa100 - I think your mind is playing tricks on you. I'd love to challenge audiophiles to a blind A/B test of cables before and after.
Hi that's good to hear. Ultra is quite good, especially the MM2 version.

I am using Reference MM2 or XL MM2 through out my system currently.

Glad things settled down for you!
hello Mceljo
neither my mind nor ears are playing tricks on me. my friend would come around regularly and heard similar to me.
I believe it is important to have revealing source, amp and speakers to note the differences.
please post results of your blind A/B test. kind regards .alfa.
i have now purchased the Transparent Audio reference is burned and sounds wonderful
Hi there Mceljo.

I am a newbie to AudioGon and came across this thread (mainly because I also have TA Ultra MM2 Interconnects, so was interested in your take on burn in time. I have them between my DAC and Pre and between Pre and Power Amp).

I have been running the cables since January this year and would totally agree that it takes time to run in properly.

The cables have now achieved in excess of 200 hrs and, in my system, sound wonderfully transparent and extended to the frequency extremes. I am very pleased with them (I perhaps should add that I upgraded from "old standard" Super TA cables and I must say that IMHO the Ultra mm2 surpasses the old Super in all respects).

I was also interested to note that you have now gone to the Reference - any good reason for the fairly quick change from Ultra to Reference - have you found significant improvements?

Dpay - Do you really believe that anyone can make an objective comparison between what any piece of equipment sounded like 200 hours ago? I believe that just about all systems on this forum sound excellent and if there's any change that results from a component change it simply may take some time to get used to the sound.

At first the change isn't positive, then we get used to it and assume things sound better and then we get so used to it that we're bored and need to find something else to purchase.
Mceljo -

I fully understand where you are coming from, but believe me, my decision to upgrade my cables from TA Super to Ultra was not made on a whim, or boredom with the sound of my system. I happened to find out that TA had revised their cable standard from MM to MM2 (my Super cables were actually so old that they pre-dated the MM standard!!). My local TA dealer, here in the UK, happened to have fully run in demo sets of Ultra's which he loaned me for a period of home use to compare side by side with my existing Supers. The change in sound was significant (even my wife commented, and believe me that is a first!!) - lower noise floor, more transparent, ability to hear low level detail which I could not hear before, better bass resolution, etc - so I ordered new sets (his demo sets were not for sale unfortunately). When the new sets arrived, they did take a little time to settle in, but are now giving me hours of musical enjoyment (which is what, after all, we are after isn't it?).

I do not change my system at every tiff and turn - my main system is a Theta Jade Transport running into Theta Gen 5 DAC into Audio Research LS25 Mk11 Pre Amp and then to Chord SPM1200C Power Amp (Power amp has been modified by Chord to 1200E standard when being serviced & repaired), speakers are Wilson Benesch Act1s.

Cables: TA Reference AES/EBU from Transport to DAC;
TA Balanced Super MM2 DAC to Pre-Amp;
TA Balanced Super MM2 Pre-amp to Power Amp
Kimber XL Bi-Focal Power Amp to Speakers.

Most of my kit dates from mid to late 1990s, and has been chosen with care, and over a period of time. Whilst I have Demo'd alternatives from time to time, nothing, until the cables refered to above has tempted me to change. I did flirt with the AR LS26, but found it too clinical for my ears, but will probably listen to the new AR LS27 sometime in the near future to see if my view of the sound is in tune (oops terrible pun) with theirs - it wasn't with the LS26 - but that is what it is all about - trusting your own ears over everyone elses, after all we, thank goodness, are not all the same when it comes to musical taste and the way in which it is presented. There is so much Hi-Fi kit out there, that with the best will in the World, we can not hear it all, within the plethora of different mixes of amplifier, cables, and speakers out ther must be the perfect match to our ears, but we will never know will we! If we are lucky to hit a mix that gives us musical pleasure then stick with it, but don't stop the occasional experiment to see if there is better.
I'm running the bottom end interconnects from transparent,about 4hours so far,not sounding better than my old monster cables,started out better but gradually got worse.hope these burn In.
I also are using the entry level RCA cables from transparent that replaced my monster m550i and the difference is amazing, yes they do need some time to change for the better. So pleased that I got a pair of transparent music wave bi wire speaker cable to replace my monster 12 gauge wire.
Donniewn - My theory in your situation is that the initial pleasing sound resulted from expecting to head said improvement. Then as you listened more and realized that maybe there wasn't much difference, if any at all, and then the new cables started to sound worse as you considered that you paid to own them and are now struggling to feel good about the purchase. I have had similar experiences. Call it guided placebo.

Have you swapped the Monster Cables back in for comparison?