Try This With Your SS Amp

Any evening at home, listening to music and basking in the glow of my tube equipment.  Extra bonus, they keep my heating bill down! 🤣

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Secret guy:  You nailed it!  So much for the “unless it glows out it goes” crowd.  I’m wondering if any of the above posters are the same people that criticize Mac lovers for being infatuated with their “big blue meters”?  I don’t see the difference.  

My solo single malt evenings, the ss monos get pretty toasty after 20 min at a non conversation level.


I close blinds, my 3 foot lava lamp, few of the wife’s smelly candles, after thumbing through my records and cds, I end up with a good stack of each, and center my self on couch, pop in a cd, drop an LP on the TT, and hit play on my CD player, and after 1030 or so the quiet is nice, so the system really opens up, until the wife runs out with stink eye, or calls out 10 mf’ers and a jagoff, from a slightly opened door.

    Yup, the fun police just arrived.


happy listening

Nice. Good fun for winter!  

Some times I miss my old room heater, all 16 tubes of it. 

Smaller tube monos, and a backup SS Class A amp replaced it on rotation.