Tube amp for ProAc Tablette Anniversary

I bought a ProAc Tablette Anniversary paired with Rega Brio R. I've read ProAcs are voiced with tube gears so I borrowed a vintage bell integrated tube amp and what a difference. I love the sound better than using SS amplification now I'm looking for a tube amp that would be sufficient to power my speakers. the Price range would be under $5,000 what i'm looking at are Leben CS300 or 600 for now. Any other brands you guys tried with ProAcs?
I have heard ProAc speakers with integrated amps from Synthesis (Italian brand) and the combination sounded very good. I heard the cheapest Synthesis amp (an EL84 pushpull amp) with the ProAcs. The amps are small in size and nicely styled, and in that way, they resemble some cheap Chinese tube amps, but, they are MUCH better than most of the Chinese amps. The problem would be finding a place where these amps are available for auditioning.

Another amp manufacuture that makes good amps at a fair price is the Hong Kong-based AudioSpace company. Again this would probably be hard to find for auditioning.

I briefly heard an Ayon integrated amp that I thought sounded quite decent for a medium power pushpull amp.

For a completely different kind of tube sound, an OTL amp should be auditioned. Good examples are VERY fast, dynamic and exciting sounding in ways that are almost never matched by other types of amps (very good SET amps can also pull this off, but only with the most efficient speakers). Something like the 30 watt Atmasphere amp should be on a short list of audition candidates.
I drive my ProAc's with Cayin/VAS amps/pre-amps. Great sound, great value. Tubes can provide the power as long as the room is not too large.
Cayin represents terrific value--good sound, great construction. So does Prologue (another Chinese made brand), and American brands like Rogue. I have also heard DeHavilland amps that sounded quite good that are well within the $5,000 mark.
I have the Tablette 8s paired to the Jolida BRC202 amp - Magical combination as long as you have the right cables (Morrow blow all others away) and a good REL sub. Also try Shindo Appetite - You could buy used for a bit over $4K.
Traditionally the Tablette is a very easy load. I remember playing them with an experimental set of our amplifiers way back in 1986... the amps later became what we today call the M-60. They played very convincingly together!
i`ve heard that the cary audio cad300sei is a match made in heaven with the proacs
I second the Ayon Spirit 3 with the Tablette Anniversarys and the I also like them with the Rogue Tempest 3.
I have heard the Proac Tablette Anniversary with the Leben CS 300 and I thought it sounded great. I also heard them with a very low powered SET amp (1.8 wpc). They sounded very real with the SET amp, but the power was inadequate for much other than guitar and vocals.
Thank you guys for the response.. Have you guys tried using it with a decware zen triode amp?
Unless you are listening near field you will want some power on this speaker. Smaller SETs will be disappointing.
These are the amps i auditioned for a couple of months. ARC vsi55 too hard on the bass doesnt have the extension. TS audio a thai brand its good like the sound. I'll try next is a cayin mt12.
Hi guys i ended up with a leben cs300xs very nice sounding amp and it drives my proacs very well.. Thanks fkor the help guys!