Tube lovers....CAT POWER.. Go see her live..

I just went and saw Chan Marshall (Cat Power) in Vancouver. Wow, the sound, her voice, the guitarist..bassist was like...liquid....honey.

The sound glowed. Maybe it was the venue, but WOW. And the drummer with his cymbal, high hat play gave everything a shimmer... The band was unbelievable.

I now know what I want my system to sound like..

For all those who like sultry female vocalists (I am not really one)... with an unbelievably nuanced, slightly gravely voice ooooooozing with emotionality.... GO SEE HER (she's only doing 12 shows in North America).. you'll thank me.

It was only $35 here...

You were lucky to hear her in a venue with good sound. When she was here in the Tampa Bay area recently, she played in a crappy sounding old theater which really diminshed the enjoyment.
I saw her about two years ago in an old American Legion Hall.The room sucked.No seating.Two hours of standing,crowded,poor sound.But they wailed.Sadly I have never heard anything on her records that even approaches the talent she obviously has.
If you get a chance to see it, her show on Austin City Limits was pretty smokin' hot IMO. All the musicians in the Memphis Rhythm Band were obviously enjoying playing with her. I agree that her recorded performances don't rise to level of her live performances (the good ones at any rate.)
I saw her perform here in Los Angeles last month, and it was sublime. Her voice is a thing of great beauty, and the band underpins her nicely. As far as her recorded output goes, "The Greatest" and "Jukebox" are excellent examples of her talent and both convey enormous emotional weight IMO.
Ah, $12! Here in New Jersey the Eagles tour comes in May a top tier at $250.00, end at $125.00. Maybe she can come to NJ soon and dispel the myth that good sound be expensive.
You Cat Power fans should check out a great new artist...Thao With The Get Down Stay Down. Throw Chan Marshall's voice, Sufjan Stevens' instrumentation, a little Neko Case & a little Feist in a blender and you have a great record. I hung out with her last week and she told me she'll be opening for Rilo Kiley for a while so I'm sure she's fixing to get a lot of exposure. A few samples here:
Synthfreak: I have the Thao record, but so far the songs aren't hitting me! I need to live with it a little longer, I guess.