Tube pre/SS amp to replace Plinius 8200 integrated

Hi everyone,

I'm contemplating replacing my integrated with a tube preamp and SS amp. Can anyone make any recommendations? Looking for the typical warmth, harmonics, air, etc. for mostly jazz, classic rock and classic alternative. My particulars are listed under "system." Any input is greatly appreciated. I'd like to purchase used and keep the budget under $4k combined. After this, I figure I'll work on speakers. I say that because my wife likes the soliloquys more than the other options I considered (also listed under "system.") Thanks!
Used to have the Plinius SA100 MkIII (1.7k used) with a Joule LA100 MkII (1.5k used). This was a really nice match and sometimes I wish that I had kept them both. My musical tastes are similar to yours and speakers were Merlin TSM-MX's.

good luck
I suggest you combine a conrad johnson tube pre (premier 17ls have been steals recently) and a Marantz SM 11s1 amp. They match ok physically and are sonically beautiful together. The Marantz would be more than enough power for your soliloquy's. If you change speakers,you can later add a second SM 11 and run them as mono blocks which is what I do for my B&W N802's.

Just my two cents worth. I have tried going back to all ss but keep returning to tube pre's with ss amps.

I've owned both the Soliloquy 6.2's and the Plinius 8200 MkII. Strongly suggest you upgrade your speakers first as they are undoubtedly your weakest link (IME). Suggest you try Dynaudio Contour S3.4's ($2,500 used)... would be a significant upgrade over the Soliloquy's and they'd be a decent match with the Plinius 8200 integrated... and they will respond favorably when you upgrade your amplification down the road.

After selling my Plinius integrated, I went with a Plinius SA-102 amp and a Aesthetix Calypso pre with good NOS tubes... both can be had for approx. $5,600 for the pairing.

Tmiddle's amp/pre suggestion is also solid advice and within your price range... but upgrade your speakers first!
I like the Vincent Hybrid idea.

Another suggestion would be the PrimaLuna ProLogue Three tube preamplifier and the Cambridge Audio Azur 840W solid state power amplifier.
Thank you for your responses thus far. I'm probably not going to go the Vincent route. I'm not sure if I'm going to see marked improvement by replacing the plinius integrated with the vincent integrated. Moreover, I'm resolved to purchasing from brands that are predominant in the market. I took a chance with the Soliloquy's and, well, we all know what happened to them...

Regarding speakers first then working back towards the source, I'm well aware of that philosophy. I think the reverse holds true as well. Unfortunately, I have a wife that only views speakers as furniture and she's pleased with the veneer of the current speakers.

Regarding the Dynaudio's, I have repeatedly heard great things about pairing them with plinius gear. I'll have to audition them one day. Does anyone happen to know if that grey face place can be removed? Both my wife and I think that it's too post modern for our pottery barn tastes.

I'm liking the idea of a plinius amp with a tube pre. Maybe the ones listed above or an audio research?
The grey face is integral part of Contour speaker. Look the Dynaudio Focus 220 II or Focus 360 as potential alternatives - more classic wood finish and Danis good looks - very neutral (not rolled off) sounding with quality electronics. These speakers do take eons to break-in.
old thread, but what the heck.

You can get a good BAT tubed pre for around $2k, and a used Simaudio/Bryston/Krell SS amp for another $2k used, for total of $4k. And these are 2013 prices!

I have been VERY happy with a BAT VK-300x SE that I have used for 5 years, a pre tube hybrid amp using 6H30 tubes and 150 watts of BAT with Six Pack, BAT Pack for more readily available amps.

But I want to go to separates too and keep the pre a tube and the amp a SS. My plans are for a BAT pre and a SS amp like Simaudio, maybe Bryston or Krell, as I am looking for SS with a bit of a bite. But I've never owned any Brsyton or Krell equipment.