Tube virgin no more

I never thought it would happen. But yes indeed, I'm moving over to the other side. At least I'm making a foray into tube land. Selling my YBA Passion and moving to a tube integrated. This all started with a speaker change due to a new house, new listening space, and poor speaker synergy, plus a huge WAF. Very huge on the WAF. Anyway, I'm purchasing super efficient speakers that lend to tubes. New amp, new speakers, and soon, a new front end. Next thing you know I'll be doing LPs. That's not going to happen. Hey, I did think that once; with tubes. I'm excited about the journey. Anyone interested in a great SS amp? peace, warren
Warren, I am going in the same direction myself. Have changed speakers and now looking at selling my SS integrated and possibly getting a tube integrated, or tube pre and possibly SS amp. Suppose times are a changing.
Best and Happy New Year. Charlie
Welcome to the Darkside Warren - have a great new year enjoying your new tube amp!
Everyone should experience tube audio sometime in their life. We old timers gave it up for practical reasons- not the sound. You can always come back, and by that time digital amps will be perfected.
Great decision. I am very glad I went in the tube direction - although right now I have angst awaiting the delivery of some new tubes to try. I guess that's a good thing. I am curious to what direction are you thinking for speaker and amplification? Also, technically, aren't you still a tube virgin?