Tubes for Top, SS for Bottom--Good Idea?

Ok, now I want the straight dope. Lots of people talk about the benefits of vertical biamping over horizontal, especially when two amps are involved. Of course, I'd prefer two Krell monoblocks per side if I could afford it. However, I can't and I've got two solid (perreaux 2150B) and one tube (Dyna St-70). Will my system sound better or worse if I use the dyna for the highs, Perreaux for the lows? If better, then how do I go about this?
Yes it is a good idea . go to for more information also NHT ( ? ) for great articles on bi amping. If your speakers are bi amp ready great and your amp has a volume control . or you will need an electronic crossover. The vtl website has a great easy to understand explanation. PS The VTL ST 150 ROCKS !
I guess the question isn't so much is biamping a good it is "is biamping using tubes on top, ss on bottom a good idea." I looked at the VTL site and it appears that they triamped using the same amps...which seems logical to me. It strikes me that because ss is faster than tubes, than the music could be slightly out of phase...this besides the gain problems...but I'm no expert so I don't know if that's the case. Also, I'm wondering if adding an active crossover really robs the system of lots of transparency.
I prefer the use of tube on top and ss on the bottom. No question ss produces a tighter, deeper bottom end. Tubes on the other hand are famous for fabulous mids and sweet highs. The secret is balance between the two. It is possible to find two amps with the same output but you'll have to be a lucky so n so to do it. You might find an amp or amps with level controls. Hopfully you'll like the sound of the amps or use a high quality crossover like a Bryston 10B (about $500. on the used market) with crossover settings and level controls. GOOD LUCK!
Yes, it can be a great way to combine the best of both worlds. I had done it for 4 years using Counterpoint equip, Solid-2 on the bottom, NP400 on the top (Hybrid). You need to be very careful when using 2 different amps because they may have different Gains and Power curves. Ie. How much power does it supply for the same amount of "volume control level". If the amp on top has a higher gain, you will have an extremely bright top end and no bass. Of course, vice versa for the other way around.
I am sorry - I do not get the question. You own all the equipment - why not hook it up both ways and try it for yourself??? Trust your ears, not others opinions.
No, that's the problem. I don't own all the equipment. I do not have an active crossover that will equalize the Dyna gain with that of the Perreaux. A good quality cross over costs about five hundred dollars. The other option is just to buy a good tube preamp and be satified with running the Perreaux alone.
Don't know if my experience helps, but here it is. I ran for the past two years with a pair of LA Audio monoblocs powering the high end with a Bryston 3B for the bottom. (The LA Audios are from a Danish company currently called Audio Design, my amps were ancestors of their current P3 amplifier.) This setup created such an amazing sense of presence, particularly with large orchestral and choral works, that I am afraid I am going to have great difficulty matching it. My current problem is that one of the KT88's blew up and that caused me to discover that there are serious maintenance needs for both amps. I am currently trying to sort that out. Meanwhile I tried using a Mark Levinson 332 in their place and the sound, while extremely clear and crisp, had no life to it. I can only guess that the magic I experienced was due to the warmth of tube sound. Just personal opinion, hope it is of some interest.