tukans vs. katans

Has anyone ever compared Linn Tukans vs. Linn Katans? Is there a major difference? I'll drive them with an NAD 20-25 wpc receiver. Thanks to all. polk432
Tukans and Katans both are very fine sounding speakers.
Katans are a little more smooth, relaxed sounding. Tukans are more lively and forward.

I don't think either will sound their best with a NAD reciever, not bad, just not great. They like a little more refined power. Linn and Naim amps, as well as a few others work best.

There is a pair of Rega R1s new here on A'Gon right now,
they work great with NAD receivers. Also PSB and Paridigm work well with NAD.
Thanks Muzikat, the speakers are for a 2nd system in the same room. I have a Cary V12R tube amp hooked to a Cary SLP98P tube preamp. It is just too hot in the room to run it in the summer. I was going to use my Klipsch Quartets for the bigger system, but I may try the Katans with it, and I also have a Klipsch SW 10 series II 100 watt powered sub. Thanks again for your help. BTW I heard the Katans hooked up to 2 $10,000.00 Linn monoblocks and have changed my mind regarding small speakers.
I have had both Tukans and Katans. I would second what Muzikat said. I think they would like a little more power than 20-25 watts though. Your experience with the Katans and the monoblocs (Klimax?) is not just an illustration that small speakers can be good. It's also an illustration that good things upstream in the musical chain are important. That's why Linn advise that upgrades should start at the front and work their way down.