Best Integrated Amp for Linn Tukans

Second system consisting of a Marantz CC4000ose CD changer, a pair of Tukans, and looking for the best integrated to drive it. In this case, SS or hybrid preferred, remote appreciated but not required (CDP has digital volume control for temporary volume reductions). Looking for good body and warmth in midrange but without losing "presence" and "immediacy". Well, or course I want everything, a good bottom end (to the extent the Tukans will allow), smooth high end, enough power, etc. Trying to suit two sonic tastes (mine and my girlfriends). Want to spend anywhere between $600 and $1000 used. Thanks for your input.
Blue Circle CS, though good luck finding it used. Remote volume is an option. I think it fits your sonic bill.
Creek 5350SE and Musical Fidelity A3.2 both for sale used here right now for under $1000--both excellent products with great reviews.
Audio Analogue Puccini. Comes in a remote and SE version also (the SE uses dual transformers and has a higher output).

I used to have a small system that included a Puccini and Ryan Acoustics speakers. I was told by the dealer from whom I bought the Puccini that the Ryan's were very similar sounding to Linn Tukans, and she specifically mentioned that the Puccini and Tukans had excellent synergy.

I think in the $600-1000 range, the Puccini is definitely worth a listen. I think it would work nicely for you. Best of luck!
Used Linn Majiks can usually be found on this site around $500-600. They are a perfect match. Also Creek integrateds mate well with Tukans.
I will throw in my 2 cents - I heard this combo myself at a Linn dealer in NY - It was amazing. Combo was Naim Nait III sitting on steel spiked floor stand, pretty sure it was Linn k20 speaker cable (or a smaller chance it could have been Naim cable, he uses that too), and the Tukans sitting on Target speaker stands (don't know the model # of the stands). This was about 8 years ago. I'm sure he could help you, but I dont want to seem like I'm a sales rep. If you live in NY look in the yellow pages (His shop starts with the letter "A").
A couple of questions related to the suggestions above. The Naim Naitt is an intruiging option, but I wonder how people generally get around the interconnect problem (i.e. Naims proprietary plugs). Also, in general, does the 30 wpc of the Naitt provide sufficient power for the Tukans? Anyone know how much power is optimal for the Tukans? Thanks again.
Linn Majik is rated 33wpc, does 66wpc with Tukans. I found Majik very good match for Tukans. In fact, Majik's kind of 'distant' nature, fits perfectly with Tukan's assertive traits. Look no further!
Eldragon, do you know if the Majik can be used with the active crossovers for the Tukans? That would be a big benny! Also, why is the power delivery 2x when paired with the Tukans?
Dear Peter S,

The Majik is rated @33 wpc into 8 ohm and 66 wpc into 4 ohm. The Tukans, along with most of the LINN line are 4 ohm load speakers.

GO AKTIV!!! (which can only be done with Linn to Linn)

If you go AKTIV, be sure to use LINN K400 speaker wire. It is the perfect match.

Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, I found the Nait III to be bold and dynamic driving the Tukans, the volume knob was around "11:00" and it was moderately loud (but not obnoxious). This was about eight years ago, but I remember we were listening to Joni Mitchell (either Mingus or another similar one that had Jaco on bass) Mitchell's voice was clear and distinct, Jaco's fretless bass was "gruff" and agressive, as it should be. I would go with what sounds right. Watts is kind of just a number.

As for the connectors, I can't remember. We were using an LP12, Naim aro, Arkiv cartridge, so I wasn't paying much attention to the line level inputs.

At the time I owned a Creek 4140s2 integrated and we tried that with the Tukans....very good but the Nait III was more captivating with the Tukans.

I would try the Majik, Nait III, or Puccini first simply because they were suggested based on first-hand listening.

Best of luck