Turntable suggestions for a shaky wooden floor

I'm using a Rega RP1 and had a significant rumble with even the softest volumes.  I used a cutting board with Sorbothane hemispheric feet and now can listen to music at a pleasant listening level.  

I'd like to step up to a nicer turntable but I've heard some are much better with rumble than others.  I would like to spend $750-1500 for the TT and cartridge.

So far I'm thinking of getting a Technics SL-1200MK7.  Any suggestions on something better or more stable?

Thanks for your time



I have a listening room suspended over a two car garage and had quite a time getting vibrations under control. What I did was this:

1. Very heavy Timber Nation 4 Shelf Maple rack with spikes at every shelf support...

2. Iso-Pucks under all equipment.

3. 9 large 4" thick bass traps..two corner and 7 wall

The isolation table suggested above is a good suggestion. I would not buy a new turntable and cartridge unless you were going to spend a good bit more...and my suggestions above would cost many times what you want to spend on a turntable..so isolation table and Iso-Pucks where needed are the way to go, or relocate your listening space.  Also, people use wall mounted turntables to overcome this sort of issue.

I hate to mention this, but for the best "bang for the buck" used digital is probably the way to go. I say this because I had to spend four times the amount on my analog gear to get it to sound better than my digital equipment.

mount it on the wall   use brackets or secure your shelfl....your issue will be gone

Thank you for the great suggestions. All your advice sounds great. I’m definitely going to get a Delos block. The room has a forty foot ceiling that slopes down so hanging things is not an option. I don’t even have ladder that would reach. It’s really a horrible room for listening but it’s the best I can do.

I do need to get another turntable however. My daughter, who has a larger vinyl collection than me, needs a new table.  Hers gave up the ghost, so I "have" to get one.

vonhelholtz I can’t agree with you more on the digital front. I have a Bluesound Vault 2i with all my CDs on it and I stream Tidal with it through a Schiit DAC. But - I really enjoy the aesthetics and ritual of spinning vinyl. Who doesn’t love listening to crackle, pops and distortion? I even use a tube amp so...


+1 for stringreen's suggestion. I had a skipping problem, even though the TT was sitting on a massive rack. Wall mounting solved all of that.

I would love to Wall mount it.

This is a very unique room. It’s a large 25 foot by 15 foot area with floor to ceiling windows on 2 of the sides. The other side is a fireplace in a solid concrete wall. The other "wall" is actually a long low cabinet separating the room from a dining room. There is no wall actually but a 3 foot high cabinet from which you can see both rooms. Drilling into that cabinet is a not an option.

Wall mounts are made for suspended floors as turntable suspensions are not made to deal with the kind low frequency caused by suspended floors.

why not mount on the concrete wall?

I'm not sure how I would run power and wires from the concrete wall to the pre-amp.  It's about 10 feet away.  Is there a wireless option? 


No carpet I’m afraid it’s all hardwood. Thanks for the input all.

What benefit might there be to a large carpet with thick padding? This and a full size sofa were my first room treatment, but they predated the arrival of any of my components, so not sure how they changed the listening environment.  I know that this won't solve your vibration issue, but it might contribute to a solution.

I had the same problem when I moved to new home music room went from basement to 2end floor. I have a RP3 I removed the feet and replaced with Sorbothane Hemisphere Feet. from Amazon. Put springs under my sub’s and the problem was fixed. 

SOTA, Sapphire and above. Had the same issues, SOTA cured all, and a great performer. Unfortunately new, out of your range, but maybe not used….depending.