Hey all! I've been circling a Rega P10 turntable, which is their latest iteration. It has gotten great reviews by Rega afficionados, but not much notice from the TT community at large, that I can find. It's a deviation from the conventional thinking that mass=stability, and quiet. It is very lightweight, but stiff. I like unconventional, and am willing to take a leap, though. Question is, of course, has anyone had any experience with these TT's and what thoughts do you have? (Michael Fremer at Analog Planet did a 5 part video of the Rega factory with Roy Gandy a couple of years ago and I have to say I was really impressed by his devotion to his art and his conviction about the direction Rega has taken with its TT's.)


I just saw a used  VPI HR-X Turntable With JMW 12.7 Tonearm on US Audio Mart for $7.5k.

Do yourself a favor:  check out the Music Hall Stealth. $1650; comes with an Ortofon 2M Blue but features interchangeable head shell; on the fly adjustable VTA; direct drive and auto-stop. I'm sure a lot of folks will say it's too cheap to be any good and tout $5k+ tables instead. But if you're not made of money, the Stealth is a good choice.

I had one and thought it was great and the best TT at the price. The only problems I had with it were (1) as mijostyn points out, it was susceptible to footfalls in my vintage home with springy floors, and (2) the dust cover was rather flimsy. I solved both problems with a Townshend Seismic Sink and a matching acrylic dust cover that covers everything. Kept it for several years until the Apheta cartridge stylus wore out.

Ultimately, I sold it to upgrade to an SME but I still have the Townshend and the dust cover if you or anyone else it interested. Works great with the P10 or any Rega. Let me know. Can send pics.

I got the P8 when they first came out to replace my P5 (did the arm first). The arm especially is excellent. It is clean and adds nothing to the sound, which is what you want in a table.

Not sure if the P10 is worth almost double the money. I have mine sitting on a Townshend seismic platform on top of a wall mounted shelf. The Townshend improved the sound incredibly (but created foot falls with the frequency that footsteps interfering with the pods frequency created on the Townshend, and the shelf got rid of that as  recommended by Max Townshend himself (RIP)). My suspended wood floor over a crawl space creates all kinds of vibrations.

I looked into upgrading the arm and someone who sells Rega (OEM) arms who is very familiar with both said if the table is well isolated from vibrations, the extra $1500 or so for the arm isn't worth it. If that is true, I would say the P10 is not nearly as good a value. That's only the one guy's opinion though, and I am sure the RB 3000 is better than my RB880. When I originally upgraded the RB700 on the P5 to the RB880, the difference was startling. A friend of mine went from the P6 to the P8 to the P10 (thanks to Upscale Audio letting him keep exchanging them) - he said the P10 was "a little" better than the P8. He has since traded that in on an esoteric table with a linear tracking arm that is way more expensive. I like simplicity and am not at all an equipment hobbyist. Just a music lover.

If you are set on spending that much more, a lot of other tables are under consideration, but you will have to deal with matching arms and tables like the JE Michell, Dr. Feikert and SOTAs. I like integrated arm/table combos/designs, so the next one that comes to mind is an SME, but even their entry level table is quite a bit more than the P10. The Rega has no removable head shell and the wiring is straight through integrated into the RCA cable that plugs into the phone stage. Simplicity once again and no points of connection/distortion. And save money on tonearm wires and head shells.

Cartridge weight is more of an issue than height as you can use a spacer under the arm if needed. The light arm is better with light cartridges. I find the Rega MCs overpriced and use a van den Hul MC One Special with a well matched Sutherland LPS phono stage. For some reason, I needed a spacer on the P5, but not the P8. You are talking millimeters here and probably the difference between record widths is more that the spacers. Rega's philosophy is to not worry about changing VTA on the fly, and because of a decently long tonearm, that is a factor that should not be audible if the height is set to an average of maybe a standard or 180g record.


Here's the P10 suggestion I mentioned.

Offer $4500, and you have ready to go table. If you don't already own a decent phonostage, find a used $3-5k  used piece  for  half and you will have a SOLID setup for reasonable cash outlay.