TV power cords; Money well spent, or money wasted?

Hi Folks,

First, A happy, healthy, and abundant New Years to all (where abundant = any tangible, or intangible, that you either need, or desire).

I just purchased a new Sony Z5100 TV:
Bravia 3 engine (whatever that is)
240hz refresh
10 bit panel
TV is networked
Sony N460 Blu-ray

Shunyata SR-Z1 outlet-->Audience au24 "e" pc-->PS Audio Quintet.

My questions: Would it be qualitatively beneficial to upgrade from the TV's stock pc? If yes, have you any suggestions for an appropriately priced pc for the setup that I currently have.

As always, any and all input is appreciated.
Before you do, confirm that using a non Sony sourced wouldn't void your warranty.

It is a good set. Enjoy it; don't tweak it.
If it is a removable PC I can't think either how it could possibly do any damage or how they would know you had used it if it did. This would seem to be in the same area as using upgraded ICs or HDMIs. If you have one sitting around try it and see if you can tell the difference. I have improved my TV picture considerably by upgrading HDMIs and using conditioners. I don't use them on my music system but it has dedicated lines and my video doesn't. If you haven't moved up to something like a Monoprice HDMI do so now. There are better ones but for the money and the improvement over stock ones they are a give away. My memory is that I tried one of my better PCs on my TV and it didn't fit, the TV plug was recessed. My VPI SDS has the same problem.
I agree that should be the case but a review of the warranty seems prudent given the cost of such a terrific unit. Sometimes, power accessories are specifically referenced.
Hi Mst, and Stanwal,

Interesting point about the warranty. It is ambiguously enough worded so that it can imply that use of a power cord not supplied, or recommended by Sony voids the warranty. Here's an edited excerpt:

" This Limited Warranty only does not cover product issues caused by any other reason, including but not limited to...(iv) customer installation, set up adjustments or signal reception issues...(vi) modification of or to any part of the SONY product, including the antenna...(viii) use or installation inconsistent with the owner’s manual and other SONY instruction; (ix) use of parts or peripherals not recommended by SONY;"

Ya gotta love legaleze.

The plug is not recessed, however, there's not much space between the receptacle, and the TV cabinet. I can't imagine that a better pc, much like ic's and such could do any damage. hmmm, i was thinking I could try a Shunyata Diamondback Platinum (not all that expensive here used, or even with the retail sales prices), and it doesn't seem overly bulky. I do have a Python Alpha Helix on hand while my Ayre cdp is off to boulder for an upgrade, but I can hardly believe that it would have a snowballs chance in hell in fitting.

An idea...What do you think about this: I have a shunyata wall outlet connected via an audience au24e pc to a PS Audio Quintet. Everything I have is connected there, except for my Amp, which is directly into the Shunyata outlet via another Python Helix. For the TV, Sony seems to indicate that it is my responsibility to protect from surges and stuff. I live in an old rental apt. in NYC, subject to ConEd power (which is particularly dirty, especially during the warm days). Unfortunately no dedicated circuits me. So maybe this cleans up the signal enough to be able to bypass a pc replacement for the TV altogether.

Thanks for the Monoprice reference. Monoprice has also been suggested to me by a colleague. I already have a DH Labs HDMI I'm intending to use, as I set up the Blu ray tonight.

I'm a lawyer. I assumed it would be an issue and sure enough, they'd have the argument. In fact, subpart (ix) would effectively work to void the warranty.

You can see why, from their point of view, that would be the case. They can't be held responsible when folks use other than their parts.

Please let me know to whom I ought to send my bill.
Please feel free to forward the bill to Sony, for their inherent lack of trust in the integrity of their own products and/or for the explicit or implied belief in the incompetency of their customer base.

Good point bringing up conditions of the Warranty. I agree, It should always be a consideration Thanks.

I think, like all of us in this strangely rewarding hobby, that I'll take my chances and tweak a bit.

Swapping out the cord will in no way harm the set. On my Panasonic panel, I can see an improvement in image smoothness when using an upgraded cord- nothing fancy- just a more robust cord. Even my wife sees it, so I left it in.

Smart choice to use the PSA Quintet. Both your audio and video performance should be improved. Since your TV is connected to the Quintet, you should be able to see an improvement in video quality with the use of a GOOD power cord. One suggestion is the Harmonic Tech Pro AC-11. It is well worth the price especially in the used market.

By the way, put your amp thru the Quintet as well, on its own zone. The performance of your amp will improve.

My Sony XBR flat panel didn't come with any rabbit ears or 99¢loop antenna to modify.Maybe its time for them to upgrade the warranty info.
I also have a Sony "Z" series LCD. I have tried several upgraded power cords and have noticed very minor improvements such as slightly enhanced detail and slightly improved color brightness and richness. The improvement is so slight, I would not spend much money on another cord for this purpose. Where I spent money and noticed a significant improvement was on my HDMI cable. I purchased 2 Wegrzyn Silver HDMI's and was very pleased. Sharper, brighter image with much improved color and detail. Since the HDMI also carries the audio signal, I was greatly surprised and happy that there too was a significant improvement. I have them hooked to my satellite receiver and Blu-ray player. I was previously using Monoprice HDMI's which are certainly a steal for the $ and definitely no slouch but the Wegrzyn is surprisingly better.

Believe me, the HDMI would be the better choice to spend the money but if you have an inexpensive aftermarket power cord laying around, use it too.

Happy listening (and viewing).....
One thing you might try is buying a Pangea AC14 power cord from Audio Advisor. I bought one to try on my Sony LCD and find that it provides a slight improvement in definition and depth of color. The Pangea cord is inexpensive and fits nicely in the limited space for connection on the Sony.

After reading your responses, I'm getting the overall impression that purchasing a higher quality pc may add some additional benefit by way of brightness and detail, but that I would be better served taking that money, and channelling it (pun intended) into higher quality HDMI's. I'll start there, as I currently have a new DH Labs Silver Sonics. I may just pick up a pangea, to see if there is noticeable affect with my panel.

Thanks again for your input folks. As always, your experience and perspective is highly appreciated.

Good luck. I was just noting that one down-side, other than the cost of the power cord, is the risk as to the warranty. Antenna would not be relevant (know the comment was tongue in cheek) because that was not a supplied product.

You could roll the dice and use a 3rd party power cord or hold off until the warranty expires and then do so. A third option is to use the cord now and then lie about using the power cord if you have a warranty claim, although that would be illegal and wrong.
An aftermarket power cord will do no harm to the panel- it's just not going to happen. If you have the opportunity to borrow a better cord from a friend and try, I would recommend it. With many displays, it does make some difference that you might find worthwhile.
I sold an old Transparent PC to a cop for $25 who's not a videophile and he saw the difference.
I might try some all new Infinity Strings power cables from Alan Maher Designs later on

Gary and the “lawyer”,

NO …. using a new PC would only void your warranty IF a user were stupid enough to tell the manufacturer the cord was changed… Jeez

YES…. putting a Shunyata Venom PC ($120 at the time) on my now 15 year old Sony TV made a very positive improvement in picture sharpness/detail 

I am not exactly a 'videophile', but, I get discernible results from a cheaper AQ power conditioner with a couple of its outlet filters optimized for video (one of Garth Powell's toys). The TV  gets used for some demanding games...gpu ray tracing enabled, etc.

I doubt it makes much of a difference on regular movies & TV shows.

Can a power cord be as useful as such a power conditioner.....highly doubt it!