Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?

There are some audiophiles for whom cost is no object; they buy what they wish and every single tweak and gadget which promises to improve the sound. And the industry is all too happy to produce such tweaks -- often made of expensive materials with elaborate engineering explanations. Those who question the value of these tweaks are frequently accused of being "naysayers" who are either too ignorant or insensate to realize that "everything matters."

Of course, money spent one place cannot be spent elsewhere; expenditures on tweaks take the place of other more central factors affecting the sound. In some cases, those tweaks are worth it; you can hear the difference, and that $400 (or whatever) really could not have improved your speakers or sub or amp, etc.

So, the question here is simple: Which tweak have you tried which, after some experience and reflection, you realized was either *not* effective or not the most effective way to improve your system? 
Audio is not about the "taste" for a product among the millions there are, it is about how to learn to listen music and sounds.....


Well I'll say this, you have YOUR ideas about, what it is to be an audiofiler.

I like model railroading to, that hobby goes from "taking pictures" to electrical, to "SOUND", to paint and finish, landscape, mini, MAXY, copper, silver, nickel/silver, brass, plastic, cast, portable, fixed, ect,ect,ect.

A LOT of the model railroader I know, don't even have a layout, or a single, PART. Maybe just pics...

Sometime the audiofile journey is MORE than just  HIGH QUALITY sound, it is the very small parts, that make up our VERY diverse community.  Someday I'll go deaf, blind, whatever, will I still be an audiofiler? TO THE GRAVE.. I think? My cousins can't hear a thing... They love to dance, and be around music. Can't hear a thing... Pure feel.... They won't wear rubber sole shoes to the dance, LOL messes with the music, my cousin says...LOL

Tweaks..... The next door neighbor finally moved.. "Tweaker, away"

Long live the hearing aid...I wish batteries were included.. Eye glasses aren't far behind..."Tweaks that QUIT working".. Glasses broke, yesterday... :-)

Definite chicken feedin' time...


I had try to be clear about my way to see this hobby....

But you are right, the world is more vast than the way we see it each one of us....

My best regards to you....
The only tweeks I use are vibration isolation feet under a heavy amp and diy solid core power cords.  I've tried everything that didn't cost anything but didn't find the difference worth the bother.  I was skeptical about power cords but was amazed after I made one out of hardware store wire.
mahgister - I finally understand you better after re-reading.  Thank you for sharing yourself here.  You are an inspiration. Onward!!!!...
To my surprise in all audio threads in all forums, no one has a concept about that, they speak about "tweaks" yes....But a "tweak" is a partial solution and sometimes a trade-off with negative effects, and above all a tweak is vulnerable to placebo effect the day of their evaluation

Yes, well, of course. The word tweak already implies it's not the whole solution. I mean, who'd think *that*?

No disrespect meant to your theories and conclusions, it's just that you're correcting a mistake that no one is making, and then going into a lot of detail about ALL the things that are involved. It feels a bit patronizing.