Tweeter cone on my B&W 805 Naut's is pushed in

I bought these used and the buyer didn't indicate that one of the tweeter cones (not the grill) was pushed in. It isn't broken or torn, but clearly somebody touched it and pushed it in. My question is how significant is this damage. The speakers sound good, but I can't imagine that this isn't causing some loss of performance.
Well, if it was that way when the fellow you bought it from sold it to you and he didn't tell you, then that's cause for being more than a little cross. But that's a different axe to grind.

Sonically, it really shouldn't make much difference at all, though. Largely cosmetic. Not sure what B&W tweeters look like, but it should be relatively easy to pull out the dent if it really is bothering you (as it would probably bother me). If you're careful about it, you should be able to gently tap the corner of a piece of regular scotch tape onto the dent and then pull it out. May take a go or two, but it typically works very well. It may not look perfect when you're done (you'll likely have some residual creases or imperfections) but it should be much better.

Might be worth contacting the seller first and explaining that the dented tweeter (or undisclosed damage to gear generally) really wasn't part of the deal and that, while you're eager to work it out and even try to fix it yourself, you are dissatisfied and it needs to be worked out one way or the other. The sooner he knows the better and the easier it will be to make everyone happy in the long run, which is, after all, the way to go. Best of luck.

[Also, while you're at it, do a search for "dented tweeter" right here and you'll find a long thread discussing just this with even more (and I dare say better) info and advice.]
I had the same thing happen but tape didn't work. I read a thread that recommended putting your lips around the tweeter and sucking. I know it sounds a little corny, but it worked. Hope this helps.

I had a freind dent one of my tweeters (cdm-nt, same tweeter) and I sucked it out. I ordered a new one and replaced it though.

I would have the seller cover that cost, if at all possible.

The once dented tweeter sounded fine, but I wanted it replaced anyway.
...And if your wife or significant other walks in at that compromising moment?

My bet is it's going to be very difficult to justify future purchases, and that you're going to get a lot of time to sample the soundstage and imaging from the couch.
Thanks guys, all joking aside, the "sucking" worked and although it has crease marks, it is now in the proper position. Upon closer inspection the front tweeter assembly looks like it has a hair line crack in the top and bottom plastic which rims the tweeter cone. I bought this from an Audiogoner and I'm trying to work it out. Hopefully the seller is a stand up guy like most I've dealt with on this site.
Just get a vacuum cleaner, attach the extension tube, then place the opening of the tube around the damaged tweeter's cone. Turn on vacuum. It should suck the cone back in shape.

Good luck,
The Nautilus tweeters run around $100 for the 805's as this is what the dealer quoted me.
Hi, I have seen this problem. Scotch tape wont work, use duct tape or black electrical tape. Get maximum surface area of the tape on the cone and it should pull out. I dont think you will hear any difference sonically.
Fast forward to 2019.  My Nautilas B&W 803 "aquired" such a dent in the tweeter metal dome.  Scotch tape did not work.  Packing tape did not work.  Duct tape WORKED!!!  Saved me $145.00 for a new tweeter.

Took nine or ten snappy pulls but 100% of the dent came out.  Has some minor creases remaining but with the tweeter grill back on, hard to tell unless your look closely.
Boy...that would bother me.   There are fixes, but all are compromised.  I'd get a new might want to ask B&W if they can recone/repair yours.  I know Vandersteen does on their products.
I saw a video from Dynaudio and they did show the guy was able to "suck out" the dent with his mouth.  But that was a soft dome tweeter.  I think B&W uses hard dome tweeter so I am not sure "sucking it out" with you mouth is possible since you will need much stronger vacuum force.

Hm ... would it work using a breast pump?