Tweeter Replacement for Acoustic Energy (UK made) - AE2's and AE5's

I have a pair of each AE2's and AE5's - circa 1997.  Both had SEAS - The AE5's Original was 25 TAFCD/W AE - H 849 8ohm The AE2's had 25TACF/W-AE which AE said a few years ago to use the 27TBFC/G - H1212-06 - which I did replace in the AE2's, acquiring from Madisound here in the USA, yet had an issue with one so I want to replace both again, plus the AE5's.
My recent communication with AE, they are stating they can now provide all replacements, yet pricing is high, plus they said the AE2 tweeters would need a component change to the crossover, which they would supply.  AE is not providing specific info on the replacements as they want me to go through them, moreover there Replacement cost's quoted are very expensive, furthermore the crossover component change with the AE2's complicated the situation even more.

Originally, a few years ago I was looking to upgrade all Tweeter's, even with a different manufacture other than SEAS if necessary, yet continued to be told the H1212-06 was the best solution.

Now with the higher pricing from AE Direct, I have been extensively researching options to no avail due to all the variables to properly match and maintain, if not improve the total high-end performance these speakers provide.
Any comments, sources or suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated. I Thank You in Advance.
I have the same problem with blown original AE tweeter, looking for replacement.  
AE Makes many speakers, it is Critical for me to know Exact Speakers you are referring to.. as in the Model and possibly the year or how old they are?
AE2 Signature or regular? The crossovers are different, which influences the tweeter, and why I asked..  I Probably have 30hours minimum in Trying to make mine as exact to Factory as possible, including All OEM Sources, part numbers, dealing direct -  many emails with AE north of London proper.. Blah, blah..  I'm in Atlanta, GA USA, where are you?  If is is Important to you to have Corrected to Spec, then maybe we should talk or email off line to our other emails since I don't hang out on this forum and we would need to share pics or at least you need to pull your tweeter and take pics and send me front and back.   All their tweets have been superseded with Other..  and Original OEM Supplier for those years (mine are same, bought in 1997 and LOVE THEM!). back to OEM it was SEAS out of Norway and I even delt with them directly too.    Up to you on how you want to proceed, yet it is Not a Simple Go Get This One!  ESPECIALLY if You Want to Keep the AE Original Quality Soundstage wise, which was 100% Critical to me to do, 
Also wanted to know where your at in the World since there were select suppliers for replacements that would not ship or sell all over the World. 
Sorry for the delay ettorreit, on your AE2's.. Tweet's..  I have the AE2 Signature Series which has a different crossover than yours.  I communicated with AE on the other drivers and purchased those or a few from them, also used a USA person to revoice coil a few of those too, since AE had none at the time.   Back to the Tweeters.. the Original's were an OEM to AE from Seas, yet they do not make that particular one anymore, so another was recommended.  I worked directly with SEAS and a Distributor here in the USA who carries SEAS - Madisound is/was the place.. Great Stuff, BTW.    
My Problem was the Suggested replacement tweets for both my AE'2 and the 5's - just for some reason did Not Do what the Original Proprietary Seas Tweets did, so I purchased a few other options in addition.. All SEAS..  

I have every Spec sheet and picture of So Many from SEAS, and a few from AE Specific on the Tweeter's..  - Not to be evasive, just Way Overwhelming with Data I have..   
Photo of SEAS Prestige 25TFFC (H0519) Textile Dome Tweeter

Pull Your Tweet and Provide every number on it, and what ohms it is as that is another confusion with the replacements as they are different.  

The above isn't necessarily the one, yet Your Number on Yours Specific will help me Match the Best to your Original.  
Why would you not trust the manufacturer on what to use with a specific model?  Because they cost more?  There are hundreds of possible options that are wrong and only one that is right, why not go with the sure thing that the company who built the speaker recommends?  If it costs more than it used to, everything costs more that it used to (before pandemic) and I'm sure the entire speaker system would cost much more than it did when new in 1998.
Here is the Answer Finally especially for ettorreit and also for lonemountain.
I went back to all of my records and correspondence on the Tweeters including AE directly. from 2018, yet had even earlier communications with them/others to Match them Perfectly to original spec.  Until 3/2/20 as a follow-up from AE from previous years past, they now have found a supplier source and will sell direct as noted below.
Reply Direct from AE:
AE5 Tweeters £108.33 each
AE2 Tweeters £124.99 each

Each price excludes Tax and shipping. 

The AE2 tweeters would need component changes to the crossover, which we would supply with the tweeters along with instructions on the necessary changes to make.

Prior to that their recommended replacement was:
SEAS Prestige 27TBFC/G (H1212) Aluminum/Magnesium Dome Tweeter.
Which I purchased on 2/6/2019 from in the USA  @ $51.80 each USD plus shipping..

Hope this helps.

Hi. Found this thread and was curious where in the US I can find the drivers for AE2 series 2. Or the refoaming kits. 


this was in my last post..        Prior to that their recommended replacement was:
SEAS Prestige 27TBFC/G (H1212) Aluminum/Magnesium Dome Tweeter.
Which I purchased on 2/6/2019 from in the USA  @ $51.80 each USD plus shipping..

Hope this helps.

Thank you Jweilers1. Perhaps I misunderstood. I was talking about the woofers. It seems like you addressed the tweeters in the above posts. 

Wow, Woofers are a whole another deal.. AE has different ones and used to make them handmade 4ohm and 8 ohm based on your crossover.. within youyr specific unit.. and year it was made.. feel free to email me if you want a whole bunch of detail and we can talk by phone.. too much for me to type and help out since I two finger type, yet am Willing to Help you in Every Way.. Jon.

Hi, Did You found out how to make the required changes to the crossover when using the SEAS Prestige 27TBFC/G (H1212)?

Regards, Jonny