TWL mod for Rega RB600 arm---help needed

I just got finished reading the years-old discussion thread concerning the fishing weight modification for OL and Rega arms for use with low-compliance cartridges, and I really want to do this but I'm at a loss as to how to go about it. I recently mounted a Denon 103r on my Rega RB600/Rega P25, so I have the perfect set-up that would presumably benefit from doing this mod. Today I bought some 1/2 oz. lead bullet fishing weights to try out, hoping I'd be able to simply blu-tack them on to the ends of the bearing housing bolts. This didn't work because the blu-tack isn't strong enough to hold the weights straight out and they gradually just sag downward. I thought about super-gluing them on but there doesn't seem to be enough surface area making contact for that to work. I read in the old discussion thread about guys drilling and reaming these things out so they would pressure fit over the bolts, but I haven't a clue how to go about doing this and don't really have the tools. So, I'm asking for any and all guidance---or, if one of you is able to fashion some weights for me to use, all the better, and I will pay you handsomely for the trouble! Thanks, Will Herrera
If you look at my system you will see how I did it. Blu-tack worked for me, but I did Paul's adjustable VTF tweak too.
Hi Joe---thanks for your response---great pic of your TWL mod; I think I may have purchased weights that are less than ideal for my situation, the ones you are using seem to be wider (and shorter) than the ones I got. Mine are 3/8" at the base (practically the same width as the bearing housing bolts themselves), weigh approx. 14 grams each and are more elongated than yours. Can you tell me what kind you got, i.e. how wide are they at the base and how much do they weigh? If I got ones like yours I'm sure the blu-tack would work! By the way, what is that arched wire thingy going from one weight to the other? Thanks, Will
How do you equalize the weight? How exacting are the weight measurements of fishing weights?