upgrade from Devore Nines

I am driving a pair of Devore Nines, with LFd integrated amp (50w), resolution audio cantata cd/dac in a 15×18 dedicated room.

I am contemplating the super nines.  Anyone completed this speaker upgrade?  I like Devore speakers (at least what I heard).

Any other upgrades from the Nines others have taken and been happy with?
Don't you hate lack of responses? 

I can't help you with your question, but as someone who has the Devore Nines in their sights as a next speaker to try (in about a year), I am curious what got you to this speaker and also would you consider the Orangutans, why or why not?
Have a friend of a friend that traded up to the Super Nines - and is spellbound. 

I think the Stereophile review of the X likely summarizes the differences between your Nines and the "new era" of Gibbons. There will be much more extended treble. Also, Jack Roberts wrote a phenomenal review of the Super Nines and compares them with the Orangutans.

I say go for it!

@thosb I had read all the positive views on Devore and a pair come up fairly close at a stellar price.  I decided there was not a lot of risk if I needed to move again.  I have really liked the DeVore Nines.  

My friend who loves and owns Harbeths has heard both my speakers and O 93s.  He likes the O93s better than the Nines, but they are a completely different sound and presentation.  He does admit the Nines have better detail and imaging, but he like the "musicality' that comes from Harbeth and the O93s.  

I think an upgrade in the Fidelity line would allow for the same great top end, but a more pronounced bottom end.  I wouldn't say the Nines lack bass, but there are times I wish there was a little more balance top to bottom.   That might be recording, as some recording just sound amazing.  

In short I really like the Nines and think a move up would just build upon the attributes I already like.
There is no much risk here I would go for it.
I had been in a similar situation I owned the Proac studio 140mk2 and loved them but felt that I could do better with my system I considered the Proac Response D30RS but I couldn't make a demo anywhere nevertheless I decided to buy them and never regret it .It is a huge upgrade to my previous speakers.
I went from the 0/93's to the Super Nines (last March) and it was well worth the upgrade! The S9's are more extended in both frequency extremes and more dynamic. Imaging is better as well. For those contemplating getting new 0'93's, I say just move up to the S9's. They are not that much more money.

Thanks for the input grk.

The Super Nines are the last on my list of speakers I would like to hear before making my next speaker purchase (likely the Joseph Audio Perspectives), but unfortunately they are not a speaker most of us can audition.

I heard the Gibbon X with some of my music and with the fist stuff I heard I really liked it - it had that beutiful Devore tone and texture, but more refined/modern sounding than the O series. The last couple of tracks I played on the X weren’t as satisfying as I was expecting (some Talk Talk songs) - some bass bloat and the drums didn’t sound as real as through the 0/96. But much of what I heard was promising so it makes me intrigued by the Super Nines.
Though the Stereophile review of the Gibbon X which detected some leanness and a trough in the lower mids would have me a little worried (apparently an oddity in how the mids crossover to the lows).  I don't know if the Super Nine's would have the same issue, but it would seem a good hunch that they would share the same design choices.
You are welcome! I heard the Perspective 2 Graphenes at an audio show and they sounded quite good...but at $15k, they are out of my price.

I'm very familiar with the sound of the 0/93 (and 0/96) and they of course have that Big, Thick, Rich sound.  Do the Super Nines sound "thin" in comparison, or do they maintain a good sense of body to the sound as well?

The Super Nines (S9's) are a definite upgrade over the 0/93's, which are an upgrade over the Nines. I have owned all of them. The S9's are a big improvement over the 0/93's in every category...better extension, imaging, etc., yet still possess that Devore tone and tactile quality.  Anyone contemplating the purchase of the 0/93's should save up a few more bucks and go for the S9's. And they will be huge upgrade over the Nines.
I forgot to add, that I do not find them to sound "thin" at all. They are also quite a bit more dynamic sounding!
Thanks again grk.
It's a real shame I can't hear the super nines before I purchase the Joseph speakers (which I love anyway).  I told my local Devore dealer to let me know if he ever gets a pair of Super 9s in to audition.   I auditioned the0/93 and 0/96 and ultimately liked the 0/96 better, but their width (and cost) create some issues in my room.  A slim version having similar attributes, like the super 9, could be just the ticket.  However, they are way too expensive to just buy without hearing them (in my case).
Out of curiosity, how close do you listen to them?  I found the O series to require at least 8 foot distance in order to sound their best - to sound coherent, focused, with "snap" and "air" (too close and they start to sound a bit unfocused and glazed over).   I know Devore recommends at least an 8 foot listener distance for the 0 series, presumably for this reason, and I've wondered if this is a consequence of the particular design of the O series, or if there is something about how John D designs al his speakers (e.g. crossovers/drivers etc), which necessitates that distance for them to cohere. 
They are a bit over 12' from my listening position... about the same distance (more or less) that the other speakers were placed.
Clearly, the Gibbon line and the Orangutan line exist for a reason (or two reasons).  Also, the O/96 is supposed to sound a good deal better than the O/93, so the question is: which models in which lines should be compared head-to-head.