USB cable: One Continuous length for Best SQ?

Relative digital newbie here.....In audiophile, digital music applications, does it matter if one splits up a long run of USB 2 connection between computer and DAC into separate attic/wall space lengths and shorter lengths which would connect to wall USB outlets?  Ideally, I’d like to connect my Mac (in a bedroom) to a DAC (connected to the living room audio system....looking at possibly a Schiit Bifrost 2 or similar price range).  I’m assuming this would require the use of step up devices along the path as I’m allowing for between 50-60’ cable between computer and DAC?  Would this impact sound quality?   Currently using my Mac > aging Airport Express in conjunction w/iTunes and the “Remote” app & no external DAC....Not interested in going with a different wireless streamer setup at this point.  Thanks!
I guess you could try something like this. No idea about sound quality never tried one this long if the data gets there it should be OK.
All things being equal, for digital audio purposes, you should keep your USB cable lengths as short as possible.  In my opinion, long USB cable runs are not advisable.  Signal degradation could prove to be a real issue.
There are powered USB cables available for longer lengths.
Though I would consider using ethernet and an ethernet to USB converter.
I was told that the limit on USB 2.0 before noticeable degradation was 16 ft 5 inches or 5 meters. Following to see if I was incorrectly informed.
Schiit trouble shooting suggests: "Try a different USB cable, 2m or less in length, USB 2.0-rated, non-audiophile type. Seriously."...

2m ~= 6ft...

Seriously, keep all electrical connections as short as possible if not shorter...
The one I linked above has a repeater signal booster. No idea how well it would work. Worth a try for $20
I would be interested in hearing how it works for you.
I am in need of running a signal from my main rig to my office-about 50 feet of wire. So, the options are USB w/booster, Optical, or SPDIF, or Ethernet.
I was thinking of using the USB+repeater/booster, but am thinking that running ethernet for the long run and then converting to USB near the second system might be a better solution.
I never tried it, I was just showing the OP a solution for very little money he could try. I use ethernet for long runs. 
Long USB cable run will not work as mentioned by other Gon posters. Please check the Sonore OpticalRendu optical/USB converter. This will not only solve your USB cable issue, but will provide galvanic isolation upstream of your router. You would be surprised on the level of noise present coming from your network. I was so impressed by the black background when I installed it. You may need to install a fiber media converter (FMC) between your router and OpticalModule if you do not have an available SFP slot on your router.