USB Cables: Audioquest's Diamond vs Wireworld Pla


Has anyone compare these two USB Cables? (they been highly recommended by people whose opinion I trust) If so what is your impressions of one versus another?

I am looking for the "best" (whatever this word means) USB Cable. Being everything else equal, my personal preference is to texture rich, seductive "warm" characteristics [ not to confuse with euphonic colorations which kill music for me]

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I can see that part of my question was cut out in the title.

I am seeking comments on two US Cables:

1) Audioquest's Diamond USB Wireworld Cable Technology's
2) Platinum Starlight

Thank you

The latest issues of The Absolute Sound did a shoot out on 8 different USB cables at different price points and the winner was Wireworld Platinum Starlight ($599/meter). Check it out.
Yeah but in that shoot out the wire world was by far the most expensive cable. I think it would have been smart of them to include the Audioquest cable in there quite surprising they didn't. I guess all you can take from that shoot out is that more money gets you better sound
I am late responding, but I hope you tried the Audioquest Diamond cable and would love to hear your comments. In my system the Diamond USB cable did something very special with piano keys. They sounded so much more alive than the other cables I tried. I never had a chance to listen to the Wire World Platinum so I cannot help you there. The effect that worked so well in my system had a negative effect on a friend’s solid state high end system, no tubes, in that it sounded a little brittle but I am sure his system was cabled too hot and I am working on him to get better cables for the whole system.
Hello Coxhaus

I tried both Audioquest Diamond and Wireworld Platinum. In my system, for my ears, in my acoustic environment it was no contest - Diamond won easy.