Used records/CDs in NYC?

Anybody got any favorite used music stores in the Big Apple?
Academy Music and about 100 other places in practically every neighborhood in the city & surrounding burbs. I take it you're not from NYC????
Downtown music( corner of E6 and Cooper square.
Sounds, Kim's video, Joe's CDs located along the Saint Marks Pl between 2nd and 3rd ave's.
Other Music is located on the corner of E4 and Broadway just opposite of Tower Records store.
In addition, there are these "Disco Rama" shops scattered about town where new CD's of popular labels cost $10. There is one located at W 4th St. between Grove & Jones streets. There are several more used CD/Record shops in this area of west village. I don't recall any names but they're scattered between 6th & 7th Avenues between Bedford and West 4th Streets. Try walking on these streets -- Bleecker (bet Hudson and 6th Ave), Jones, Cornelia, Carmine. There is a Kim's Video at Bleecker/W-10th.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the leads. I scored a couple of out-of-print CDs I'd been looking for at Academy Records & CDs (W. 18th), and found some cheap vinyl at Downtown Music Gallery (E. 5th). Other good, but pricier, stops for vinyl were Finyl Vinyl and A-1, both on E. 6th. For the best deals, though, you can't beat the guy on the sidewalk on E. 8th, opposite Cooper Union.He's there "three times a week, when I feel like it."
Go down to St. Marks Place and spend at least 1/2 day in the shops right in the area. The building that was The Electric Circus in the 60's is right in the middle of the block. Have fun.
Midnight Records 263 W 23rd St. between 7 & 8th Ave. across from the Chelsea Hotel (Sid's final party place)
I am squirelling away all these tips for my annual visit to the City. thanks