Used Speaker in the 15k range

   I'm looking to upgrade my speakers. Looking for a speaker in the 15k range. Shorlisted is Vandersteen Quatro, Devore 0/96, Used Wilson, and Joseph Audio Perspective. Used speakers are fine as well. Planning to upgrade my entire equipment.
There's some Vapor Audio Joule White for sale right now for under 15k. Those look really sweet and I bet sound amazing. 
what gear do you have  
I have Quatros woods love them you can see my system in virtual systems

Enjoy the Music 
Current AMP is PS Audio BHK 300 but I'm planning to change the complete setup. DAC and Pre are also PS Audio.
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So, what sound characteristics are you looking for and what’s most important to you?
Marten speakers are worth a listen new....check youtube vids...surreal sound. Op what country are you in ?? Salk jim is incredible value for money. He is a very nice and smart man. You can get new and be very very happy
You can get the monitor audio Platinum 300 brand new for 15,000 list. And it's much better than any of the speakers on your list.
Since you are looking to redo your whole system, why not take an holistic approach and go audition full systems? Some speakers works better with some amps and if you find a system with the sound you are looking for, then you can just buy that exact system. Going piece by piece is a lot of trial and error. 
You can get Wilson Sasha's for $12K.  I would keep the PS Audio DAC (the jump up from that is going to be something like a dcs for $20K), but dump the BHK Amp - get a nice solid-state to drive those babies into bliss!  D'Agostino or Rowland.  (Rowland Model 7 monoblocks show up sometimes for $3500/pr).  This would be FUN. But if you want chamber music, Diana Krall and the like, not a good choice.  Then maybe some Mac lifestyle piece with some Focal/Magico/Sonus Faber and lots of whisky to forget your childhood fun rock memories and settle into that easy chair.
If you like lifelike timbre and musicality and dynamics with bass extension to 22K and a beautiful cabinet (made of 21 layers of wood) check out the Gamut RS7i (Ruby) up for sale right now. Extremely musical and possibly $15K would buy them. I know the seller and the care. Speaker retailed for $42K when new.  
I would recommend you audition a pair of Martin Logan’s.

They perform exceedingly well with classical, jazz, vocals, folk, etc. However they do require at least 3' of space around them.

Wouldn’t be my first choice for strictly rock though.

I would consider 
Vienna Acoustics 'The Musik'
Meridian dsp 8000
paradigm persona 7f
Kef Blade
Yamaha ns-5000
4 speakers that can be found used for around $15k that I have already or will in the near future own as I figure out what my idea of the perfect speaker is. 
You can get new Quattro CT for your target $$$

putting together system right now for buddy: PS Audio DAC , Aesthetix Signature Preamp, Vandersteen 5 high pass amps, Quattro CT in zebrawood....


enjoy the music and your journey 
If you're going to upgrade everything then take a look at Kii 3, Dutch and Dutch 8c,  Genelec 8361A. 
If you poke around a bit you can get a pair of JBL M2s for right around there.  I would have a hard time believing you could get a more accurate, better sounding pair of full range speakers for the same price.  I looked at a lot of different speakers thinking the M2s were out of my price range.  Then I did some digging.  It's worth asking.
I purchased (new) a pair of Legacy Whisper XDS with the Wavelet Pre-amp/processor and love them.

I see that there are several posted for sale here on audiogon.
+1 for devore orangutan.  Be sure that you get a suitable amp and cabling for it.

I have the 0/93 with a Leben amp, and find it to be very good.

Good luck.
Like your choices. Have been looking at speakers in the same price range. JA Perspective2, Vandersteen Quattro CT, Dutch & Dutch 8c and closeout Wilson Sabrina are definitely high on my list. I did see a new pair of Audio Physics Avantera III for 16K listed on Audiogon that are tempting. 
If you like the JA Perspective 2, you should know that you SEAS has a kit (Thor) you can build, for about $2500, which is roughly the equal of the JA Perspective 2, which uses stock SEAS drivers.  In fact, the THOR uses bass drivers which a bit larger than those used in the JA Perspective 2.  

The Thor was designed by Joe D'Appolito, so it's a solid pro design.  If you're not brave enough to build it yourself, any competent cabinet maker can build them easily enough for you.  And Madisound, the American company that sells the Thor kit, has a cabinet maker they partner with who can build them for you and have them delivered to your doorstep, ready to go.  Total cost for that route would be about $3500.

I truly fail to see why anyone would go with the JA Perspective 2 when a nearly identical system can be had, delivered to your doorstop, for 1/4 the price.

But if you've got $15k burning a hole in your pocket, then get the Avalon Eidolon Diamond.   Absolutely extraordinary.  Exceptional.
I have a pair of like new Legacy Focus XD speakers with the Wavelet line stage/DAC/active EQ/room correction for $9995 (retail: $18,700) plus freight.